Beijing accuses US of military provocations near Chinese borders

“Washington will pick up a stone to drop on its own feet” China has accused the US of ramping up military provocations after Washington approved new arms shipments to the island of Taiwan and sent a warship near the Chinese islands of Nansha and Xisha in the South China Sea just one week after the […]

Beijing demanded that the US stop slandering China

Talks between the US and China lasted more than five hours, said Secretary of State Anthony Blinken ” alt=”Beijing demanded that the US stop slandering China” /> Wang Yi and Anthony Blinken The US should stop slandering China, attacking the country's political system and taking steps to support Taiwan's independence, said on Chinese Foreign Minister […]

Beijing suspected of plotting an invasion of Taiwan

The West was alarmed by the directive signed by Xi Jinping The US government-funded publication Radio Free Asia reported that the Chinese authorities allegedly began preparations for a “non-military” special operation to seize the territory of Taiwan not controlled by Beijing. Photo: Global Look Press A number of politicians and experts were alarmed by the […]

Beijing authorities have identified a new focus of COVID-19 in the “prestigious” part of the city

Chaoyang District in Beijing, China In the “prestigious” part of Beijing's Chaoyang District, where many foreigners live, authorities have identified a new outbreak of COVID-19 for the first time in a long time. This is reported by Reuters, citing local government spokesman Xu Hejian. “To date, about 166 cases are associated with an outbreak [COVID-19] […]

Beijing called on NATO and the EU for a comprehensive dialogue with Russia

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that the international community should join forces to establish peace and “take concrete actions to cool the conflict, and not add fuel to the fire” Wang Yi China calls on NATO and The EU will start a comprehensive dialogue with Russia, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said at a […]

UK bars Chinese ambassador from parliament reception, citing sanctions against MPs by Beijing

Follow RT on China’s ambassador to the UK Zheng Zeguang has been blocked from attending a reception at Westminster after speakers of both houses of the parliament said his presence would be inappropriate given Beijing’s sanctions against MPs. Zheng was scheduled to attend the summer reception scheduled for September 15 on the Commons terrace, and […]

China Daily chief calls Nigel Farage ‘a big joke’ & ‘Trump’s puppet’ after Brexit leader says China cancelled Christmas

Follow RT on Chen Weihua tore into Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage after the former, parroting the talking points of anti-China activists who claim the country purposely spread Covid-19 to the West, accused Beijing of cancelling Christmas. Following UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s decision on Saturday to prohibit households in London and parts of the […]

A$AP Ferg & DJ Premier – Our Streets (On TRL) (Live)

[Chorus: DJ Premier & A$AP Ferg] Ferg, Ferg Check it, check it, check it Pull up, pull up, pull up Yo what up, neph’, neph’? (See this is Harlem, these our streets) Turn the music back up A$AP (Honorable C.N.O.T.E.) Let’s go [Verse 1: A$AP Ferg] I got with Preemo, I’m just pressin’ the cheat […]