Hugging lesson? BBC gets pilloried for giving tips on how to ‘safely’ embrace one another

Follow RT on The BBC has exposed itself to a wave of internet scorn after lecturing Britons on how to correctly embrace one another, in response to reports that the government would soon “allow” hugging. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to push forward with plans to ease lockdown restrictions, including guidance on hugging. The […]

More anti-Russia psy-ops? BBC gets government funding for global crusade against ‘fake news’

Follow RT on UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has given the BBC World Service an £8 million funding boost to “tackle harmful disinformation.” What that means is unclear, but the BBC has a history of waging infowars for the UK government. Broadcast in more than 40 languages to 350 million listeners per week, the BBC […]

Woke-washing history? BBC show will teach children that early Britons were ‘black’ – media

Follow RT on The BBC has been accused of reimagining British history to make it more woke-friendly after it emerged that a children’s programme will teach that the nation’s earliest inhabitants were black. An episode of the BBC children’s series Horrible Histories will focus on the role of black people in Britain’s past. Launched in […]

BBC diversity chief complains Idris Elba’s TV detective isn’t ‘black enough to be real’, leaves online commentator baffled

Follow RT on The person tasked with ensuring diversity at the BBC has been accused of harboring narrow-minded views about race after reportedly dismissing a TV character played by actor Idris Elba for not being sufficiently ‘black’. Commenting on the crime drama ‘Luther’, Miranda Wayland hailed the program for featuring a “really strong, black character […]

‘Ridiculously over the top’: BBC creates special complaint form as viewers decry ‘too much coverage’ of Prince Philip’s death

Follow RT on The BBC has been inundated with a wave of complaints over its marathon coverage of the death of Prince Philip, even setting up a special page for viewers to voice their gripes about the outlet’s “excessive” reporting. With the Duke of Edinburgh passing at the age of 99 on Friday, the British […]

BBC, Times smear UK professor skeptical of Syria regime change drive as would-be traitor after his rival’s sting op

Follow RT on A UK professor investigating a Western-funded group gathering evidence against Syrian officials was contacted by his target’s staff posing as a Russian agent. The communications were framed as potentially traitorous by the media. The BBC wrote a lengthy piece blasting Edinburgh University Professor Paul McKeigue, a member of a group of academics […]

BBC health correspondent ‘spiralled rapidly downhill’ after Covid jab & could ‘barely’ get out of bed, but says he’d do it again

Follow RT on The BBC’s health and science correspondent, James Gallagher, revealed that he experienced severe symptoms for several days after receiving the Oxford-AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine. In an article on Wednesday, Gallagher wrote that the vaccine “floored” him, inducing a migraine, vomiting, aches, chills, and exhaustion. “I had my first dose of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine […]

BBC apologizes after airing interview with IMPOSTER Senator Cory Booker in ‘deliberate hoax’

Follow RT on The UK’s top public broadcaster has issued a mea culpa after airing a Newshour interview with “a man claiming to be Senator Cory Booker” who turned out to be an imposter, with the outlet noting it was likely duped by pranksters. The BBC issued a correction over the mishap, saying it was […]

‘Propaganda arm of the British regime?’ BBC reporter hounded for misquoting former Scottish premier

Follow RT on Scots are demanding the BBC’s Sarah Smith be held accountable after she claimed that former First Minister Alex Salmond said that current leader Nicola Sturgeon “should resign.” The only problem: Salmond said no such thing. Former Scottish National Party leader and First Minister Alex Salmond appeared before a parliamentary inquiry on Friday, […]

BBC names as new chair ex-Goldman Sachs banker who advised Boris Johnson and gave £400k to UK’s ruling party

Follow RT on A former Goldman Sachs investment banker who donated hundreds of thousands of pounds to the UK’s ruling Conservative Party has been officially named as the BBC’s new chairman, the government said on Wednesday. The BBC board chair is appointed by the Queen on the advice of the government and comes with a […]

BBC returns fire after China accuses state-owned news corp of ‘fake news’ and ‘ideological bias’

Follow RT on The UK’s state-run BBC news outlet has rejected accusations by China’s Foreign Ministry that the agency reported “fake news” when covering the Covid-19 crisis in China, saying it stands by its “accurate and fair reporting.” Amid escalating tensions between the two nations, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said Thursday that it had registered […]

BBC blasted for spending £1 MILLION in THREE YEARS on equal pay and discrimination legal fights

Follow RT on The BBC has come under fire after admitting that it spent more than £1 million in the last three and a half years fighting legal battles over equal pay and discrimination cases brought by its own employees. The publicly-funded media organisation has defended its decision to, so far, spend £1,121,652 on legal […]

Former Goldman Sachs banker Richard Sharp set to be named new BBC chairman – reports

Follow RT on A former Goldman Sachs banker and Tory-party donor will be picked by the UK prime minister this week as the next BBC chairman, according to Sky News, amid raging debate about the corporation’s future. Sky News first reported on Wednesday that Richard Sharp, a former Goldman Sachs banker and Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s […]

Boris Johnson says he’s ‘reconciled’ to a TOUGHER lockdown – and thinks Brits are ‘reconciled’ TOO

Follow RT on Though Prime Minister Boris Johnson insists that schools across the UK are safe to reopen, he said he’s “reconciled” to the fact that he’ll have to implement a “tougher” lockdown in many parts of the country. Speaking to the BBC on Sunday, Johnson assured parents that they can send their children back […]

Locked-down Londoners seethe after Mayor Khan politicises taxpayer-funded New Year’s fireworks with BLM & pro-EU agenda

Follow RT on London Mayor Sadiq Khan surprised locked-down residents with an unannounced New Year’s Eve fireworks display, only to spark anger by filling the show with political messaging. “Our New Year’s Eve show just sent a loud, proud message to the world: London stands together against racism – tonight and always,” Khan said in […]

‘Woke rubbish’: Hundreds complain to UK media watchdog over Channel 4’s deepfake Queen on Christmas Day

Follow RT on British broadcaster Channel 4 has been hit with hundreds of complaints over its Christmas Day message starring a ‘deepfake’ Queen, who danced on a table and joked about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle ditching the royal family. Ofcom said it had received at least 214 complaints over the broadcast of the digitally-altered […]

‘Pampered’ BBC diversity chief on £75k salary ripped for ‘lecturing’ poor, white Brits about ‘privilege’

Follow RT on BBC Creative Diversity Director June Sarpong claimed even low-income white people experience “benefits” because of their race. Spiked editor Brendan O’Neill has torn into BBC Creative Diversity Director June Sarpong for lecturing poor, working-class white people on their “privilege,” saying she did this despite being “pampered” and highly-paid herself. Appearing on the […]

Hackers threaten to leak massive trove of ‘before & after’ plastic surgery photos, warn they’re ‘not a pleasant sight’

Follow RT on A dark web hacking outfit claims to have purloined some 900 gigabytes of “before and after” photos from a UK cosmetic surgery chain with a litany of celebrity endorsements, vowing to release the images unless a ransom is paid. The hack on the surgery chain, the Hospital Group, was reported by the […]

BBC incurs wrath of Brexiteer viewers over EU divorce deal coverage

Follow RT on With Britain and the EU at last agreeing post-Brexit trade terms, not everyone is in as celebratory a mood as Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Brexiteers hounded the BBC for its “spurious and biased” coverage of the deal. “We have taken back control of laws and our destiny,” British Prime Minister Boris Johnson […]

UK coronavirus lead Chris Whitty has become a popular Christmas-gift icon, outselling Britney Spears

Follow RT on Novelty items featuring one of the most prominent faces of the UK’s Covid response, Chief Medical Officer for England Chris Whitty, are reportedly more popular than those depicting some of the world’s biggest celebrities. According to a report by the BBC, Whitty and his deputy, Jonathan Van-Tam, have become “two unlikely cult […]

Superbee – Shooting Star Lyrics

Hangul Back in the day When i was a little kid 그땐 몰랐었네 이렇게나 이룰진 I’ve Imagined this life Shooting star가 되는 중 소원을 다 이룬 뒤에 유성 그 자체가 되는 꿈 많은 동료들이 짧은 돈 멀리 못갈 인지도에 취해 한눈을 파네 like fetty wap 3번째 눈이라도 뜨면 다행이겠네 예술가는 래퍼를 못이겨서 승만 챙길게, yehh […]

Blakfish – Scotland’s Worst Invention Lyrics

I hate TV Watch a film instead Hundreds of channels Still nothing on Except for What Not To Wear And now on, on Sky One The Simpsons I’ve seen this one Previously on Lost We’re going to watch fifteen minutes that you’ve already watched And ’cause every episode’s exactly the same We’re going to leave […]

AIDA HI SOHNI Lyrics and Video Song – Rohanpreet Singh

Ni tu aida hi sohni aeHaaye jidda rehni aeGabru aashiq hunde neJadon hass jeya paini ae Ankhan de vich jaadu aeJivein koi noor ilahiKaali Versace paakeKyon aini agg hai laayiTaur de ki kehne haaye sohniyoNakhre reh gaye ne haaye sohniyo Chori chori laini ae phullan toh khushbooDinde ne bhor gawaahiOffer kinne din de aunde nePar […]

Aidonia Hits Mainstream British Market Now Turns To Africa

Enjoying arguably the best year of his career, dancehall star Aidonia appears to be on a resolute path to conquer new terrains amid broadening his musical horizon. Back from a three-week stint in Europe where he connected with new and existing fans while reaffirming his brand. The 4th Genna boss has now turned his attention […]