Australia to ban gold imports from Russia

Sanctions against Russian gold were imposed by the United States, Canada and Japan. The European Union is working on similar restrictive measures, wrote Bloomberg Australia will ban gold imports from Russia and impose sanctions against 16 Russian ministers, Prime Minister Anthony Albaniz said at a press conference in Kyiv, Reuters reports. The total number of […]

Macron said he wants to settle relations with Australia

The French President urged to focus on the future, and not remember the scandal with the submarines. In 2021, Australia decided to abandon the submarines and replace them with American ones. Then a new block was created with the USA and Britain – AUKUS “Macron announced his desire to settle relations with Australia” /> Emmanuel […]

‘It’s very sad’: UK Climate Committee chairman rips into Australia for doing little to combat climate change ahead of COP26

Follow RT on Lord Deben, the chairman of the UK’s Climate Change Committee (CCC), tore into Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Saturday for not taking climate change as seriously as other world leaders. During an appearance on BBC Radio 4’s ‘Any Questions?’, Lord Deben said most countries were “very serious” about reaching net zero […]

UK health secretary denies British govt secretly exported 717,000 AstraZeneca jabs to Australia, despite shortage at home

Follow RT on The British health secretary has dismissed rumours that the government played a role in the secret export of 717,000 Covid-19 vaccines reportedly flown to Australia from the UK, despite London experiencing its own jab shortage. Speaking on Thursday to Sky News, UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock did not deny reports that more […]

London warns Italy export ban on Covid-19 vaccine to Australia ‘endangers global efforts to fight virus’

Follow RT on London has warned Brussels that export bans on Covid-19 doses to non-EU countries threaten the global jab rollout, after Italy stopped a shipment of AstraZeneca vaccine reaching Australia. “We are all dependent on global supply chains, putting in place restrictions endangers global efforts to fight the virus,” Reuters quotes UK Prime Minister […]

France and UK work to unlock border as postal deliveries abroad cut and lorries stranded over new Covid-19 mutation

Follow RT on Royal Mail has stopped delivering to several countries that have imposed travel bans on Britain, as the UK tries to clear a backlog of lorries held at the port of Dover, blocked from travelling to Europe amid a new Covid strain. Britain’s postal service said on Monday that France, Turkey, Canada and […]

Thundamentals – Tardis Take Off Lyrics

[Intro] “Over one-hundred foreign governments, emperors, presidents, and prime ministers, and kings have sent the most warm messages that we’ve ever received.” [Scratches: DJ Morgs] “Ye—yeah, ye—yeah Ye—yeah Ye—ye—ye—yeah Ye—ye—yeah” “[?]— [?]— From electrifying words— [?]— [?]— From electrifying words— [?]— [?]— [?]— [?]—” “Ye—yeah, ye—yeah Ye—yeah Ye—ye—ye—yeah” “[?]— [?]— From electrifying words— [?]— [?]— […]

Efek Rumah Kaca – Jalan Enam Tiga Lyrics

Lirik “Jalan Enam Tiga” [Verse 1] Siapa ingin ikut serta Jalan Enam Tiga Kita naik kereta saja Ekspres atau biasa bisa Jangan berdiri di pintu Nanti bisa ganggu laju Banyak yang terburu-buru Ingin sampai tepat waktu [Verse 2] Desak-desakan tak apa Wisatawan dan pekerja Pelajar dan tunawisma Jalan bersama-sama Semua boleh ikut serta Ke Jalan Enam Tiga [Bridge] Macam […]

Drake Calls For “Free Meek Mill” During Show in Australia

Tweet Share Drake joins the long list of rappers who are calling for Meek Mill freedom from prison. The 6 God is currently touring in Australia and during his show in Melbourne on Saturday night, he paused for a few seconds to support the “Free Meek Mill” movement. We all know the history of Drake […]

Drake Almost Put Hands On A Creep At The Crowd At His Tour Afterparty

Tweet Share Drake was very close to putting hands on a male creep in the audience on his tour’s afterparty in Australia. The 6 God has been touring Australia and New Zealand since the start of this month and after performing at his sold-out show in Sydney on Wednesday night, he was performing at an […]