The United States was convicted of plans to create an analogue of NATO in Asia

Washington's main partners in new military bloc in the Far East named The United States is seeking an excuse for an “Asian NATO” with South Korea and Japan, North Korea says. Against this background, Pyongyang speaks of the urgent need to build up its defense capability. Photo: AP Agreement between the United States, South Korea […]

Reshetnikov urged to solve logistics issues for Russia’s “pivot” to Asia

According to the head of the Ministry of Economic Development, the current supply chains with Asian countries are more suitable for trade in raw materials, and for the development of mutual trade, Russia needs to “solve issues with logistics” For a successful turn of Russian foreign economic activity to Asia Russia needs to solve logistics […]

Sony Teams Up With Tencent For Asian Dance Label

In an ‘east meets west’ situation like no other, Sony Music Entertainment has teamed up with Chinese tech conglomerate giant Tencent’s music department Tencent Music Entertainment Group to launch a joint electronic dance label Liquid State.  Liquid State will feature electronic and EDM artists both within Asia and abroad, with EDM superstar Alan Walker, known for his massive Asian fanbase, and Asian-American […]

Corporate Avenger – Evolved Lyrics

CORPORATE AVENGEREvolved Lyrics Indians are not chinamen, some books contain lies. If man had evolved from apes, there would be no more apes. It has been said and written over and over again that the first north Americans followed migrations of animals on a land bridge from asia into the north America due to exposed […]