Joyner Lucas – Comprehensive Evaluation (Skit) Lyrics

Play this song [Joyner’s Doctor] Hey buddy, come in and have a seat Your mom told me you didn’t want to come in and see me today because of our last conversation And I apologize, buddy, I really do I shouldn’t have lashed out like that I was out of character I mean, you’re only eight years old And I had no business talking […]

Blaenavon – Michael Lyrics (feat. Francis Lung)

[Verse 1] Michael wrote a musical about pharmaceuticals The best song was called “the drugs don’t work” Pretty cynical, open night was miserable I’m not here to watch you preach about pills You should’ve seen her in Central Pasadena Debbie didn’t eat for eight whole days Send a message to APA Clarics You can’t cure it when it ain’t […]