United Ireland ‘within 25 years’ thanks to ‘disaster’ Brexit, UK’s former Home Secretary predicts

Follow RT on The “disaster” Brexit deal has played into the hands of those wishing for the “destruction” of the UK, former cabinet minister David Blunkett has said, predicting that a united Ireland might emerge within the next 25 years.  The situation created by Brexit that now “effectively continues” the European single market in Northern […]

UK competition body investigating Google privacy plan to ditch third-party cookies from Chrome

Follow RT on The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has launched an inquiry into Google’s plan to remove third-party cookies from its Chrome browser over fears the move will have a “significant impact” on the digital ad market. Google plans, through its ‘Privacy Sandbox’ proposals, to end support for all cookies except for those […]

British women fined for going on WALK, told by police that carrying tea is ‘classed as picnic’

Follow RT on Two women in the UK were fined by police for driving five miles to go for a quiet walk, with officers telling the women that the peppermint tea they were carrying counts as an unlawful picnic. Derbyshire police reportedly “surrounded” the women during their walk at Foremark Reservoir on Wednesday and issued […]

UK professor who received OBE refuses to bend the knee after 600 academics sign letter denouncing her ‘transphobic’ views

Follow RT on A philosophy professor who was honoured by the British government for her advocacy for academic freedom has scoffed at her critics after being targeted by an open letter accusing her of transphobia. Kathleen Stock, a professor of philosophy at the University of Sussex, was made an Officer of the Order of the […]

‘Virus out of control’: London mayor declares ‘major incident’ over rapid Covid-19 spread

Follow RT on A “major incident” has been declared in the UK capital over a surge in coronavirus numbers. Announcing the move, Mayor Sadiq Khan described the situation as “critical,” admitting the viral spread “was out of control”. London is at serious risk of seeing its healthcare system completely overwhelmed by the flow of coronavirus […]

‘This is getting sicker by the day’: Viewers blast TV show asking about rewards for snitching on neighbours breaking Covid rules

Follow RT on ITV’s ‘Good Morning Britain’ came under fire from viewers after it controversially asked whether Brits should receive a financial reward for turning their coronavirus rule-breaking neighbours in to the police. “Should people be rewarded for snitching on their neighbours who break lockdown rules?”asked presenter Kate Garraway during Friday’s show. Acknowledging that the […]

Third Covid-19 vaccine approved for use in UK, as government authorises Moderna jab

Follow RT on The UK government has approved the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine, making it the third such inoculation authorised for use in the country, alongside the doses produced by Pfizer/BioNTech and Oxford/AstraZeneca. Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government has pre-ordered 17 million doses of the vaccine but is not expected to be available for distribution until […]

Negative Covid-19 test to be required for all international arrivals in England and Scotland

Follow RT on To help protect the UK against new strains of coronavirus, England and Scotland will require international arrivals, including British nationals, to provide a negative Covid-19 test 72 hours before travel. The UK made the announcement because of the “great concern” caused by the discovery of the new variant of the virus in […]

Vaccine might not work properly against mutated Covid-19 variant, warns UK Minister hours after Pfizer study claims jab effective

Follow RT on Britain’s transport secretary has warned that the vaccines being rolled out to put an end to the Covid-19 pandemic may not work properly against the mutant variant of coronavirus first found in South Africa. Speaking on Friday to LBC Radio, British Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said there was concern amongst the scientific […]

UK may need to ‘revaccinate’ every 6 MONTHS and Covid testing will still be needed next year, health secretary warns

Follow RT on The UK may need to revaccinate people for immunisation to coronavirus every six months, while Covid-19 testing will still be required in 2022, Health Secretary Matt Hancock said during a select committee hearing on Thursday. “I anticipate that we will probably need to revaccinate because we don’t know the longevity of the […]

Actress Priyanka Chopra defies UK lockdown rules as police burst in on hair appointment, but no fine issued

Follow RT on Indian actress Priyanka Chopra blatantly violated new Covid-19 lockdown restrictions in the UK, with police being alerted to an illegal hair appointment and giving a verbal warning to the business owner. “Police were alerted at around 17:40hrs on Wednesday, 6 January to reports of a Covid breach taking place within a hairdressers […]

London to run out of hospital beds in TWO WEEKS, health chief warns as Covid-19 overwhelms capital – reports

Follow RT on NHS England’s London Medical Director Dr. Vin Diwakar has warned senior doctors that the UK capital could run out of hospital beds within two weeks under even the best case Covid-19 scenario, according to media reports. In an official briefing delivered via Zoom to medical directors of London’s NHS trusts, Diwakar reportedly […]

UK health secretary left red-faced at planned launch of AstraZeneca jab rollout only to find vaccine delivery delayed 24hrs

Follow RT on The British health secretary’s visit to a GP surgery to mark the start of the AstraZeneca jab rollout went significantly off the rails when it transpired that the Covid vaccine’s delivery had been pushed back a day. “It is great news this morning that the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine is from, right now, […]

UK Labour Party launches campaign to tackle anti-vaccine disinformation

Follow RT on The UK Labour Party has launched a nationwide campaign to tackle anti-vaccine disinformation and encourage people to volunteer to help at health centres distributing the jab, in a bid to boost the numbers being inoculated. The ‘Let’s Vaccinate Britain’ campaign aims to speed up the rollout of the jab in England, in […]

‘Not conducive to the public good’: Scottish minister says UK should consider banning Trump from entering after Capitol riot

Follow RT on Scottish Justice Minister Humza Yousaf advised UK Home Secretary Priti Patel to consider banning US President Donald Trump from entering in the future after a group of Trump supporters stormed Congress. “Once he leaves Office if Trump tries to come to the UK the Home Sect should give serious consideration to denying […]

Covid-19 fallout could cripple up to 4000 UK financial firms, British regulator warns

Follow RT on The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has warned that up to 4,000 financial firms in the UK are at “heightened risk of failure” due to the impact that the Covid-19 pandemic has had on the country’s economy. The FCA conducted the survey as part of its monitoring of the effects of the situation […]

‘We’ve just seen confidence in democracy being shattered’: UK Home Secretary condemns the ‘terrible’ violence on Capitol Hill

Follow RT on British Home Secretary Priti Patel has blasted US President Trump saying his comments directly led to the violence that took place in Washington, adding he didn’t do enough to de-escalate the situation. Speaking on Thursday morning to Sky News, Patel called on America to “move on” from Donald Trump after he “did […]

Covid hospitalizations in UK surpass 30,000 for first time in pandemic, amid record surge in infections

Follow RT on The UK has recorded its highest ever daily increase in new Covid-19 cases, as it also emerged that more people are currently hospitalised with the virus than at any other point in the pandemic, according to new official data. On Wednesday Britain reported a record 62,322 new infections, as well as a […]

‘Trust in teachers rather than algorithms’: UK govt attempts to avoid repeat of last year’s chaotic exam results debacle

Follow RT on The UK’s education secretary said the government will trust teachers to decide students’ exam results after cancelling the GCSE and A-Levels tests again due to the pandemic. Teachers called last year’s results system a “shambles.” The government had already ordered schools to provide remote teaching for at least three to five hours […]

‘Heading to a dark place’: Brits slam police commissioner’s call for power to enter homes to enforce Covid-19 lockdown

Follow RT on Twitter has erupted in fury after West Midlands Police Commissioner David Jamieson suggested that the government should give police officers the right to force entry into homes of those suspected of violating lockdown rules. On Tuesday, Jamieson described the power of entry as a “useful tool” to handle “the small minority of […]

‘No big bang’: Third Covid national lockdown for England to end only by ‘gradual unwrapping,’ Boris Johnson warns

Follow RT on UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson cautioned that the new national lockdown over coronavirus in England will not end all at once. The PM warned it’ll be a step-by-step measure as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to rage. At Wednesday’s parliamentary debate Johnson said the nation’s emergence from the “lockdown cocoon will not be […]

UK signs £550 million weapons contract to ‘provide unrivalled lethality’ for F-35s 

Follow RT on The UK’s defence minister has announced the government’s signing of a new £550 million contract for surface-attack missiles that will “provide unrivalled lethality” for the country’s F-35B Lightning jets. The weapons will be manufactured by European firm MBDA, which is owned by British defence company BAE Systems and aerospace companies Airbus and […]

Scientists warn of ‘imminent’ warming event at North Pole which threatens to strike UK with another ‘Beast from the East’

Follow RT on Scientists are warning that Britons may face a bout of extreme cold weather on par with 2018’s ‘Beast from the East’ after a split in the polar vortex, but the ‘La Nina’ event also threatens the UK with stormy weather. A new study led by researchers at the Universities of Bristol, Exeter, […]

Former Goldman Sachs banker Richard Sharp set to be named new BBC chairman – reports

Follow RT on A former Goldman Sachs banker and Tory-party donor will be picked by the UK prime minister this week as the next BBC chairman, according to Sky News, amid raging debate about the corporation’s future. Sky News first reported on Wednesday that Richard Sharp, a former Goldman Sachs banker and Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s […]

One in 50 people in England has Covid-19, health chief reveals, also warning of further restrictions NEXT winter

Follow RT on An average of one in 50 people in England has Covid-19, the government said on Tuesday, the country’s first day of its new national lockdown in response to the rapidly spreading new virus variant driving record infection rates. England’s Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty revealed the grim data, as he warned that […]

Tory minister takes heat after praising £170 champagne… calling the bubbly an ‘alternative’ vaccine to forget ‘rotten’ 2020

Follow RT on UK Housing Minister Christopher Pincher wrote a magazine review lauding Krug champagne… but critics have denounced him as being “out of touch with reality” and say he should focus on his day job instead. Pincher had written the review of the pricey bubbly in British monthly magazine The Critic, where he runs […]

Parts of the UK could be overwhelmed by Covid-19 ‘in two or three weeks,’ Liverpool mayor warns

Follow RT on Liverpool City Mayor Steve Rotheram has warned that parts of the UK could be overwhelmed by Covid-19 cases in “two or three weeks’ time,” as infections continue to spike at a “genuinely worrying” rate.  Rotheram’s remarks come a day after Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a new national lockdown for England, instructing […]

Sturgeon warns Trump against any surprise golf trips to Scotland, says it’s not ‘essential’ under Covid rules

Follow RT on The Scottish first minister has advised US President Donald Trump that a golfing trip to Scotland amid the national Covid lockdown would not meet the “essential purpose” criteria for allowing someone to enter the country. During her coronavirus press briefing on Tuesday, Nicola Sturgeon issued a warning to the US leader after […]

Labour leader Starmer calls for legislation to outlaw anti-vax campaigners, warns misinformation will ‘cost lives’

Follow RT on UK opposition leader Keir Starmer has said he is willing to work with the government to bring in new legislation that would ban anti-vax campaigns as the country ramps up inoculations to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic. “We have to deal with the anti-vax campaigns because they will cost lives,” Starmer said on […]

‘Cancel culture is like a medieval mob’: Mr. Bean blasts the woke brigade and social media giants for increasing polarization

Follow RT on British comedy icon Rowan Atkinson has said online mob justice makes him “fear for the future” and lashed out at the algorithmically generated outrage perpetuated by social media platforms. In a recent interview with the Radio Times magazine, Atkinson, 65, described online cancel culture as the “digital equivalent of the medieval mob […]