Thinking of ‘Bridgerton’ cast or the Kardashians as hot reinforces ‘racial hierarchy’ in the UK, Guardian column argues

Follow RT on Considering stars of TV show Bridgerton or the Kardashians to be attractive and wanting mixed-race people to be sterilized are two sides of the same coin of white supremacy, a mixed-race author is arguing in a column. The fact that African features are not only accepted but sought-after in modern British society […]

‘Solemn tone’ & ‘high public interest’: Amid mountain of complaints, BBC EXPLAINS its non-stop Prince Philip coverage to the world

Follow RT on Amid a torrent of complaints at home, the BBC put out a special message to Russia, China and Iran, saying that its ‘round the clock coverage of Prince Philip’s death was completely normal, and actually in the public interest. When the Duke of Edinburgh passed away at the age of 99 on […]

‘UK is not North Korea yet,’ radio host says, after being burned for asking about Prince Philip’s funeral – but some say IT IS

Follow RT on Radio host Julia Hartley-Brewer stirred Twitter anger by asking if the royal family would be exempted from Covid-19 rules to lay the late Prince Philip to rest. Some feel the UK’s reaction to the death gives off Pyongyang vibes. The passing of the longtime husband and consort to the Queen has stirred […]

Belfast protests: Burning car rams into police line as nightly rioting continues (VIDEO)

Follow RT on Police officers equipped with riot gear were pelted with stones, petrol bombs and fireworks during the latest night of protests in Northern Ireland on Friday. Water cannons were deployed against demonstrators in response. The disturbance in Belfast has entered its second week despite calls for peace and unity coming from political and […]

‘Ridiculously over the top’: BBC creates special complaint form as viewers decry ‘too much coverage’ of Prince Philip’s death

Follow RT on The BBC has been inundated with a wave of complaints over its marathon coverage of the death of Prince Philip, even setting up a special page for viewers to voice their gripes about the outlet’s “excessive” reporting. With the Duke of Edinburgh passing at the age of 99 on Friday, the British […]

N. Ireland’s Loyalist Communities Council says none of their groups involved in recent violence, as further 19 officers injured

Follow RT on A council of unionist groups have said that its members were not involved in the recent violence sweeping across Northern Ireland and reiterated their support for a peaceful solution to Belfast’s post-Brexit arrangement. In a statement released at noon local time on Friday, the Loyalist Communities Council, which represents the views of […]

16,000 fake review accounts shut down by Facebook after UK competition watchdog intervenes

Follow RT on Facebook has removed 16,000 accounts linked to Facebook groups and Instagram profiles, after the UK’s Competitions and Markets Authority (CMA) intervened, holding the company to a pledge to take action against fraudulent activity. Announcing the situation on Friday, the CMA declared that the accounts linked to groups behind “fake and misleading reviews” […]

Duke of Edinburgh, husband of Queen Elizabeth, dies at 99

Follow RT on Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh and husband of reigning British monarch Queen Elizabeth II, has died at the age of 99. Buckingham Palace confirmed his death on April 9. “It is with deep sorrow that Her Majesty The Queen has announced the death of her beloved husband, His Royal Highness The […]

Crowds of youths pelt N. Irish police with stones on Belfast’s nationalist Springfield Road (VIDEOS)

Follow RT on A week of violence has continued in Northern Ireland, as gangs of youths clashed again with police in Belfast. A line of heavily armored riot officers was pelted with stones, and responded with water cannon. Video footage shot on Thursday evening shows gangs of youths facing off against a line of Police […]

Millionaire and one of UK’s richest men, Sir Richard Sutton, stabbed to death at country mansion

Follow RT on A murder inquiry has been launched after one of the UK’s richest men has been stabbed to death at his mansion in southwest England, while a woman reported to be his wife has been left in critical condition. Sir Richard Sutton, an 83-year-old hotelier worth hundreds of millions of pounds, was attacked […]

‘Dialogue, not violence’: N. Ireland Secretary calls for calm before Belfast visit after 6th night of violence

Follow RT on The sixth consecutive night of violence in Northern Ireland, in which a bus was hijacked and burnt to the ground, has been condemned by the UK government’s Northern Ireland Secretary ahead of his visit to Belfast on Thursday. “All communities in Northern Ireland must work together to resolve the tensions that we […]

Vaccination drive contributed to 60% drop in Covid-19 infection rates in England, study shows

Follow RT on The UK’s Covid-19 vaccine rollout has started to have a positive impact on public health, a newly released study has found. Virus infection rates have dropped sharply among the elderly, the most-vaccinated population cohort. The new REACT study, run by scientists at Imperial College London, was published on Thursday. The research, based […]

UK health secretary denies British govt secretly exported 717,000 AstraZeneca jabs to Australia, despite shortage at home

Follow RT on The British health secretary has dismissed rumours that the government played a role in the secret export of 717,000 Covid-19 vaccines reportedly flown to Australia from the UK, despite London experiencing its own jab shortage. Speaking on Thursday to Sky News, UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock did not deny reports that more […]

UK govt calls for dialogue after anger over Sinn Fein funeral & Brexit sparks riots in Belfast (VIDEOS)

Follow RT on Belfast was rocked by a night of violence amid a spike in sectarian tensions in Northern Ireland. London has expressed concern over the unrest and urged loyalists and republicans to settle their differences peacefully. Footage from RT’s video agency Ruptly shows a fleet of police vehicles racing down a street in Northern […]

‘More than enough’ Pfizer and Moderna doses for under-30s, says health sec, as UK drops AstraZeneca for younger generation

Follow RT on The British health secretary has allayed fears that the UK’s vaccination programme will slow down, claiming there is ample supply of alternative vaccines after the AstraZeneca jab was canned for under-30s amid blot clot concerns. Speaking on Thursday, Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the 1.6 million Britons under the age of 30 […]

WATCH: Bus TORCHED by petrol bomb as it drives along Belfast road amid ongoing Northern Ireland protests

Follow RT on A double decker bus has been completely destroyed after it was set alight by protesters in Belfast, as Northern Ireland was hit by another night of violence amid heightened sectarian tensions in the region. Dramatic footage shared on social media showed people hurling Molotov cocktails at the bus while the driver was […]

UK to offer under-30s alternative Covid-19 vaccine amid evidence linking AstraZeneca jab to blood clots

Follow RT on Britons aged 18 to 29 will be offered an alternative Covid-19 jab to the one made by AstraZeneca, due to evidence linking it to rare blood clots in young people, the UK’s vaccine advisory body has said. The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) announced the move on Wednesday after the […]

Woke history or telling it as it is? National Trust under fire for encouraging children to write poems critical of British Empire

Follow RT on The National Trust has been accused of badmouthing the UK’s cultural heritage, after reportedly giving historic house tours to school children and inviting them to write verses about how what they saw was linked to imperialism. As part of the trust’s Colonial Countryside project, primary school pupils were led around the grounds […]

UK seeks to curb Big Tech ‘dominance’ with launch of new regulator

Follow RT on A new UK regulator tasked with keeping an eye on tech giants has begun operations, and its first assignment is to draft a code of conduct aimed at improving interactions between platforms and news publishers. The Digital Markets Unit (DMU) was formed in November to help safeguard user data and ensure fair […]

Extinction Rebellion activists arrested outside Barclays London HQ after breaking windows to protest bank’s fossil fuel financing

Follow RT on A number of climate activists have been arrested by London police after the Extinction Rebellion group held an early morning protest at the headquarters of Barclays Bank, Europe’s largest financier of the fossil fuel industry. Early on Wednesday morning, seven climate activists from Extinction Rebellion took hammers and chisels, adorned with personal […]

UK starts rollout of Moderna Covid-19 jab ahead of schedule, with 5,000 doses distributed to vaccination centres in Wales

Follow RT on The Covid vaccine developed by Moderna has become the third jab to be rolled out in the UK, with inoculations starting in Wales on Wednesday. Britain faces an acute shortage of shots as India and the EU tighten export controls. The first Moderna jabs will be administered at the West Wales General […]

UK govt loses bid to delay court case brought by hospitality sector over prolonged Covid closure of pubs & restaurants

Follow RT on A judge has sided with Britain’s hospitality sector as the government failed in its effort to delay a High Court challenge to its Covid-19 restrictions, which forbid pubs and restaurants from fully reopening for another 6 weeks. Mrs Justice Eady ruled on Tuesday that the case needed to be “expedited” in order […]

UK pauses AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine study on children as drug regulator investigates blood clot risk among adults

Follow RT on A trial of the Oxford/AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine on children has been suspended while the UK’s drug regulator investigates a potential link to rare blood clots in the brain reported among some adults who have received the jab. The vaccine, which was developed in partnership with Oxford University, is awaiting approval from the […]

Covid-19 vaccine passport might be required to buy clothes in UK later this year

Follow RT on The UK government has refused to rule out a mandate requiring Brits to show a Covid-19 vaccine passport upon entering a clothing store. In a Monday report on what it calls “Covid status certificates”, the government said vaccine passports – which would show whether a person has been vaccinated, recently tested, or […]

‘Only a dope would vote for Sadiq Khan’: London mayor gets pilloried for reportedly mulling cannabis decriminalisation

Follow RT on Sadiq Khan has been accused of having questionable priorities after reports emerged that he would consider decriminalising marijuana use. Critics say there are far more pressing issues for the London mayor to focus on. If re-elected in May, Khan has pledged to create an independent drugs commission to examine the potential health, […]

‘Chernobyl’ star Paul Ritter dies from brain tumour at 54

Follow RT on Paul Ritter, the British actor who starred as Anatoly Dyatlov in ‘Chernobyl’ and Martin Goodman in the popular comedy show ‘Friday Night Dinner’, has passed away at the age of 54. Ritter died at home on Monday with family by his side after suffering from a brain tumour, a statement said. “It […]

Boris Johnson’s ‘discriminatory’ vaccine passport plan in trouble as Labour and Tory rebels unite in opposition

Follow RT on Prime Minister Boris Johnson faces a significant defeat in the House of Commons after the Labour Party warned it will join Conservative Party rebels to oppose “discriminatory” plans to introduce Covid vaccine passports. The UK government is facing mounting opposition from backbench MPs and members of the Labour Party over plans to […]

Rioters hurl PETROL BOMBS at police trucks, set roadblock amid post-Brexit unrest in Northern Ireland (VIDEO)

Follow RT on Rioters attacked dozens of police officers amid renewed unrest across Northern Ireland, where tensions are growing over Brexit and a UK-EU trade deal. Footage from RT’s Ruptly video agency shows a group of people hurling petrol bombs at passing police trucks in the unionist town of Carrickfergus, near Belfast, on Monday night. […]

UK govt advisor claims there may be arguments for faster relaxations of Covid-19 restrictions, but warns of summer third wave

Follow RT on A SAGE scientist has said that if there is continued positive data relating to Covid-19 infections, hospitalisations and deaths, there may be an argument to speed up Boris Johnson’s roadmap and relax restrictions more quickly. Speaking on Tuesday to LBC Radio, Dr Mike Tildesley, a member of the government’s Scientific Advisory Group […]

Re-opening pubs won’t require Covid-19 passports, but considering them for domestic use is ‘the right thing to do’ – minister

Follow RT on The impending re-opening of restaurants and pubs in England won’t be tied to any form of coronavirus health certificates, but the government is still looking at the possibility of rolling out Covid-19 passports for domestic use. Pubs and restaurants are set to open across the country next week, as part of the […]