Napoleon Da Legend – Hype Juice Lyrics

[Napoleon Da Legend verse 1] It’s academic, coonery’s an epidemic Looks harmless and then it reach the youth like DJ Akademics And it’s a Machiavelli tenant Deception is a method that they use against us as a weapon Dressing up like chicks and gender bending Trolling 101 for attention disrespectful statements trending Label heads lending […]

Mimiks – Oh Mama (Interlude) Lyrics

(Oh Mama) [Intro] Oh Mama Lug ab Morn esch doch alles weder andersch Ech schwör, kei Drama Kei Schnapps und e kei Marijuana Ah, ah [Verse 1] Zwenig Schlaf aber Fiire viel Mama, ech bi gfange e me Teeni-Film (Schier [?]) Seg mer wie chum ich da use Nei ich glaub ich wirde nie erwachse, Mama das isch mine […]

$not – Gucci Lyrics

[Intro] [Alice]: I don’t love you anymore [Dan]: Since when? [Alice]: Now—just now… I don’t wanna lie… I can’t tell the truth so… it’s over [Dan]: Doesn’t matter. I love you, none of it matters [Alice]: Too late. I don’t love you anymore… goodbye [Chorus] Gucci on my jeans and Gucci on my shoes Friends […]

Thundamentals – Tardis Take Off Lyrics

[Intro] “Over one-hundred foreign governments, emperors, presidents, and prime ministers, and kings have sent the most warm messages that we’ve ever received.” [Scratches: DJ Morgs] “Ye—yeah, ye—yeah Ye—yeah Ye—ye—ye—yeah Ye—ye—yeah” “[?]— [?]— From electrifying words— [?]— [?]— From electrifying words— [?]— [?]— [?]— [?]—” “Ye—yeah, ye—yeah Ye—yeah Ye—ye—ye—yeah” “[?]— [?]— From electrifying words— [?]— [?]— […]

Napoleon Da Legend – Guilty Lyrics (feat. DJ Swab)

[Intro – Napoleon Da Legend] I admit it I did it Yea Guilty as charged (laughs…) The return of Pharaohgamo, just like the wise men predicted [Verse 1 – Napoleon Da Legend] Staring at Armageddon ride a camel thru the desert And execute the code for the nukes in a text message Witness the next […]

Napoleon Da Legend – Sanctuary Lyrics

[Napoleon Da Legend verse] Drug trafficking human trafficking Bank fraud, searching all passengers Tax fraud, Ponzee schemes and wire fraud False Narratives propagated thru Viacom And other channels, YouTubes and Facebook USA is a cesspool for modern day crooks Charismatic scammers talking shit on cameras That’s the new standard, we spend better when we panic […]

Napoleon Da Legend – Nothing 2 Lose Lyrics (feat. DJ Modesty)

[Napoleon Da Legend verse 1] Jack hammer the ciment the black hammer head Dagger sledge hammer legend drinking Armarret… Standing next to all my predecessors Going on the record you can add another Check to ya record collection Overgrown egos getting emo that Shot of Tito’s got under my skin like a torpedo Yo bout […]

Raimon – Tristesa El Nom Lyrics

Tristesa el nom Tristesa vida Tristesa el món Tristesa antiga Tristesa prou Tristesa llisa Tristesa avui Tristesa trista Tristesa lluny Tristesa encara Tristesa aquí Tristesa ampla Tristesa a prop Tristesa a terra Tristesa en molts Tristesa nostra Tristesa cant Tristesa ànsia Tristesa al cel Tristesa tanta Tristesa oblit Tristesa flama Tristesa mai Tristesa tarda Tristesa […]