Zach Boucher – Ultimate Overwatch Rap (Offensive Class) lyrics

When you see the sky is black
Then you’ll see just what my heart’s coloured
Hope on top your back
When thinking we were at arms, brother?
You’re fake though
Learn from your mistake, don’t-
Ever try to face me
‘Cause these metal parts will break you.
When I wall jump off the sides
You couldn’t catch me in your sights
And when I do it with precision
You can’t catch me if you tried.
If you attempted: you would die
With no connection even tied
I know it’s tempting but inside
You’re fucking glad to be alive.
And every time you say you’re worthy
I know that someone is watching
Try and sneak attack me
I’d only do it with caution
Sharper than a bullet
The bullets that I’ve been blocking
I’m locking you in my sights
And I’m never taking you off ’em
And you like feeling that burn within?
Hurting but is sure to win
Thinking “Can he hurt with this?”
And I’m thinking like shuriken.
And when I’m thinking back to the sages
This pain is nothing
‘Til I bring the dragon blade in!

Call me Jessie Mccree, Now-
You’re messing with me, Clown.
You’re death’s guaranteed
The sound of a free town
I’m spitting, let’s be loud
‘Cause I’m stunning, I’m gunning, you lighting me up when my E’s down.
Up the ante, a vigilante who’s raiding foes.
Nothing fancy, a quick shot with no place to go
A gunslinger
With one trigger
I’m on top
Fanning the hammer, just call me a spammer
Spraying and praying, I won’t stop.
Combat rolling
Controlling, just watch me stroll in
I’m bowling all of these goons, yeah you’ll die soon.
My plan’s unfolding
Just watch it moulding
I’m holding onto my holster
‘Cause it’s HIGH NOON.
They call me the Six-Shooter
Headshot you cross the map and then I’ll loot ya
It’s a showdown, so throw down your guns steady.
Cracking my knuckles so strap in your buckles
I’m backing up trouble, so get ready!

The deadliest of assassins
Step into my path and you’ll get blasted
These Hellfire Shotguns are drastic
And I’ll be there to close the casket, you bastard.
Yo ass get smashed in half
Wrapped in black plastic.
You know that I control the battle
I neutralise the target and I slip inside the shadows.
Your soul is mine, I attack and collect ya
Ghost on the battlefield, spectacular spectre.
You haven’t seen my entire loyal legion of squires
That battle heathens and liars
And put ya feet to the fire
I’m everything you desire
Oh yeah you need to admire
Get on yo knees and aspire to dress in REAPER’s attire
You looking sleepy and tired, maybe you need to retire.
You’re too low on the ranks
I’m inconceivably higher and when your season expires
The only thing I require:
Is a double barrelled blast just to leave a reminder!

Justice rains from above
Ultimately ready to engage when you come.
Not even safe if you run
I can track you down at any range just for fun.
I’ve been chasing you, gunned down
You’re basically over now
I hover above these clouds
And kill everyone around.
Put your security in my hand
And we’ll take damage and take control and advance in.
So never panic
Until I step up with these cannons
To blow away your mind and your face so they vanish.
I will protect the innocent and save the planet
And nobody can stop me with or without a plan, it’s-
A rocket jump that I would never regret.
To get to places you would never expect.
But you guessed it, in here I’m the best chick
Don’t test it
I’m sorry but right now I’ve got to jet, kids!

(Soldier 76)
It’s 7-6 to your cranium
86’d in the stadium
My Biotic Field, just get in its radius
Pulse Rifle, Helix Rockets, my mania
No I’m not entertaining yah
Visor rises, locked on, you’re fading brah.
Game on, stay drawn, I’m on vacation
I’m out running chainguns
We’re pounding pavement
So raise up our watch, aint over my veins stay colder
Let’s reclaim, raise up soldiers!

Cheers Love! The Cavalry’s here
Been running laps around you, daily, for a couple of years.
I know you see me now
But do you also see me there?
And over here
Man it’s crazy ’cause I’m everywhere.
That was wicked
Recalled my vision
Now i’ll change the way of the path I was just in.
Just wait until you see me when I’m coming to show you something:
I can change your future, simply one push of a button!

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