DMX feat. Swizz Beatz – Bane Iz Back Lyrics

Grit your teeth
Ruff Riders

(Chorus – Swizz Beatz)
La familia
If it ain’t about the dog, we ain’t feeling ya
A lot of rappers been soft for a long time
Bout to put the hoodie dog on times
They said pain is back
I said, naw, Bane is back
The Dark Knight blitzing with the hoodie on
Will come through your block
Make all your ni**as really missing
Where they at?
Where they at now?
You want that new s**t, don’t ya?
You want that street s**t, don’t ya?

(Verse 1 – DMX)
Man, cats nowadays be spitting that f**k s**t
Bird ass ni**as spitting that d**k s**t
I’m from the old school and that there we don’t f**k with
Been locked down on lockdown…s**k a d**k
Four ways to get in when you fit in, floor, chair
Before you climb the ladder try to find the stairs
Just the go-getters, flow spitters
That roll with us are gorillas
Cold killers that blow triggers
You got n**as, but my ni**as know your ni**as
And what my ni**as know bout your ni**as they ho ni**as
Oh no, and I call em oh no ni**as cause the last thing them bi**hes said was, oh no ni**a
You’re about to go, ni**a
And the last thing your people heard was
Amen from the past and release the birds
We gonna end it with the word, may God rest his soul
And though it looks like he’s sleeping, to the touch he’s cold

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – DMX)
Gimme the second chance, so respect the stance
You plan to go reckless and you make reckless plans
So, respect that we can dance
Bitch ass ni**a
Motherf**k you and your man, we can do it with the hands
F**k I need a gun for?
I done f**ked a lot of bi**hes already
So when it come to pu**y you just one more
Hit em with the 1, 4
That’s when you know a ni**as a bitch and he’s still gonna get the hand, but you like, What for?
Really? You want more?
I come through with the click, click boom – click, click, boom
Put it through your front door
Brains on the wall like paint
Cause I don’t need to know what it is as long as I know what it ain’t
Ain’t a f**king thing fake about me
The devil spent so much time ruining my life
What would the snake do without me?
Keep running your mouth and see what happens when a ni**a keeps running they mouth
They get knocked the f**k out, ni**a

(Repeat Chorus)

(Outro – DMX talking)
Real ni**as recognize real ni**as man
A real ni**a ain’t gonna go through the trouble of trying a real ni**a
Cuz he know a real ni**a will get down just like he get down
And he don’t want that headache
He’d rather push up on a soft ass ni**a
It mean’s something, technically, know what I saying?
He spot a bi**h ni**a from a mile away
And carry em just like, know what I mean?

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