Brandy – Keyed Lyrics

(ohhhhhh) (ohhhhhh)
I just wanted you to know

[Verse 1:]
(Know that)
That every letter that you wrote is cut up
Put the pieces back to make ’em say what I want
And every memory I have of us is made up
‘Cause I think I deserve to have that perfect first love
That’s why I love you, don’t worry about nothing
Baby, I did what I had to do
Not tryna get back at you
No, I’m not gon’ be cussing
Don’t worry bout nothing
I’ll just hold it and pretend
‘Til I see you and explode

Give me back my heart
Give me the keys and I’m gone
I won’t leave you scarred
I’ll just key your car a little in the back

[Verse 2:]
(Know that)
For every tear I cry a flower grows there
I drew a smile right on your hood, babe
But I guess you know that
Now I feel better knowing that my stress is released
But don’t try me, step away from me, please



It’s nothing that some paint won’t fix
Babe, don’t trip, don’t trip
It’s nothing that some paint won’t fix
Babe, that’s it, that’s it, that’s it


I just wanted you to know…(ohhhhhh)(ohhhhhh)