France forms anti-crisis headquarters to combat record drought

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The French government has formed a crisis response unit to deal with the worst drought on record, Bloomberg reports, citing a statement by Prime Minister Elisabeth Bourne.

An interagency task force will coordinate water supplies to the hardest hit areas and monitor the impact of the drought on energy production and agriculture, the agency said. Bourne also urged citizens to conserve water and said restrictions would continue “where necessary.”

“This drought— the strongest ever recorded in our country. The lack of rain is exacerbated by the accumulation of successive heat waves that increase evaporation and the need for water, — underlined prime.

Over the past week, a special regime due to drought has been declared in 93 of the 96 administrative regions of France. The first level of warning includes limiting the cleaning of roads, sidewalks, watering green spaces, as well as reducing household water consumption. The Ministry of Agriculture of the country announced on the eve that due to hot and dry weather, the yield of major crops this year will decrease, including corn— by about 19%.

On July 18, the Joint Research Center of the European Commission (EC) reported that in the coming month, almost half of the EU is threatened by a severe drought. “Analysis of the spread of prolonged drought in the EU shows that 46% of the EU area is of serious concern in connection with the threat of drought. 11% of the EU is already experiencing problems due to lack of water,— experts indicated.

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According to the EC, drought could lead to an increase in forest fires and significant crop losses in Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia and Croatia.

Previously, the introduction of a special regime due to drought announced the Netherlands. In particular, the Minister of Infrastructure and Water Resources of the country, Mark Harbers, said that “the drought has led to the fact that national needs exceed the volumes of water entering the country through rivers and as a result of rains.”

At the same time, the authorities Germany was warned that because of record temperatures, Europe's largest river, the Rhine, was in danger of being closed to navigation. According to Bloomberg, the Rhine level could drop to 47cm by August 6-7. A representative of the Federal Institute of Hydrology of Germany said that this is a record low level for many decades, and if the river level drops to 40 cm, navigation on it will become impossible.

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