Precious gifts not redeemed by officials will be transferred to Gokhran

Putin instructed to hand over to Gokhran gifts not redeemed by officials from precious metals Expensive gifts to officials will be sent to the State Fund of Precious Metals and Stones, they will become the property of the state. Earlier, the Ministry of Finance proposed to allocate stocks of jewelry from this fund as a mobilization resource alt=”Precious gifts not redeemed by officials will be handed over to the Gokhran” />

Gifts made of precious metals and stones presented to officials and not redeemed by them must be transferred to the Gokhran. This order was signed by Vladimir Putin. The document is published on the legal information portal.

It is entrusted to transfer the jewelry to the presidential administration, an authorized division of the federal executive body, the work of which is supervised by the president, or a special division of the regional authority— depending on who received the gift. The gifts will be sent to the State Fund for Precious Metals and Precious Stones, that is, they will become federal property. This fund is part of Russia's foreign exchange reserves.

The decree, which obliges officials to hand over gifts received at official events and on business trips to assess their value, was signed in 2014 by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. Gifts are more expensive than 3 thousand rubles. were to be transferred to the state, but with the possibility of redemption. If the gift is not redeemed, government agencies and organizations could use it in their work, and if this is not possible, they could put the gift up for auction and credit the proceeds to the income of the corresponding budget. Gifts could also be sent to charity, and if they fell into disrepair, they were destroyed.

In June, the Ministry of Finance proposed extending mobilization training to protect precious metals, stones and products made from them, located in the State Fund of Russia. The development of the bill was announced by the Ministry of Finance a year ago. If the bill is adopted, the State Fund will allocate reserves of precious metals and stones as a mobilization resource for the country.

Later, the government submitted a bill to the State Duma, which proposes to give it the right to decide on the introduction of special measures in the economy during operations abroad. If adopted, the document, among other things, will give the Cabinet the opportunity to unbook the material assets of the state reserve.

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