The State Duma spoke about the “picture tantrums” of the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Kuleba

The country's authorities are trying to capitalize on the crisis

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said in a recent interview that Ukraine is a fairly large country that will have to ask for a lot of funds. Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Dmitry Belik believes that in this way the Ukrainian leadership is trying to enrich itself on the crisis situation in the country.

Dmitry Kuleba Photo: Global Look Press

In an interview with, the parliamentarian said that “to ask, demand, take and resort to picture tantrums” are the key characteristics that guide the “puppet Kyiv regime” in its policy. Belik is convinced that the Ukrainian leadership, amid the “collapse and crisis in the country,” is doing everything to “fill its pockets.”

Moreover, the deputy noted that the prospect of Ukraine's accession to the European Union seems to the authorities of the country “bright and joyful.” Belik explains this by the fact that, being a “dependent country”, Ukraine can demand subsidies, which, in turn, will “end up in someone’s pockets.”

The parliamentarian also noted that the Ukrainian side is counting on “generosity” of the EU, since the issue of subsidies is already causing controversy among European donor countries, given that there are enough dependents in the Union, among which Poland occupies a leading position.

At the same time, Belik emphasized that the status of a candidate country in The European Union is not at all a guarantee of entry into it. The deputy concluded that the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry is in vain looking so far, not taking into account what may happen to the country's sovereignty in the future.

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