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12 new specialties have appeared in Russia. According to them, along with the existing ones, from September 1, 2022, educational clusters included in the “Professionality” project will start working.

The Ministry of Education of Russia approved a new list of professions and specialties of secondary vocational education, which includes 389 specialties, including 12 brand new ones. Among the new ones, for example, are:

  • technical support operator;
  • technologist of mass-produced catering and specialized food products;
  • production operator-operator mass-produced catering products and specialty food products;
  • controller of measuring instruments;
  • organizer of air transportation and aviation works;

«New technologies are being introduced into production in various industries, — explained Head of the Ministry of Education Sergey Kravtsov. — And life should not lag behind educational programs, the training of specialists should be conducted with a focus on real working conditions. The new list includes a wide range of qualifications and gives students the right to choose an educational path based on the specific situation in the labor market, and colleges have more freedom to quickly respond to the challenges associated with changes in industries. 

Admission campaign to the colleges of “Professionality” already started June 20th. The students of the first stream will be 150 thousand young citizens of the Russian Federation. Students in a short time will receive a profession in demand, they will have every chance to become well-paid specialists who will be highly valued in the labor market.

The educational process under the program “Professionalism” will be organized in modern workshops equipped thanks to the national project “Education”. Now 2,200 such workshops have already been opened, and by 2024 there will be more than 5 thousand of them.

In the organizations of secondary vocational education in the Yaroslavl region in the new academic year, according to the new program, they will train in three new professions and specialties. "In the framework of the federal project “Professionality” pharmaceutical and railway clusters are being created in the region, — explained deputy director of the department of education of the region Alexander Gudkov. — In the region, secondary specialized education is provided in 50 state and private educational organizations. This year they will offer to study 39 professions and 104 specialties of secondary vocational education. Admission campaign, including for the project “Professionalism” has already begun. Among the novelties in the Yaroslavl region — “Agronomy” at the Lyubimsky Agrarian Polytechnic College and “Mechanic for the maintenance and repair of rolling stock” at the Danilovsky Polytechnic College. The specialty “Installation and technical operation of refrigeration compressor machines and installations” appeared in the Uglich Agrarian Polytechnic College. According to the project «Professionality» mid-level specialists will be trained by the Yaroslavl Industrial and Economic College in such areas as “Installation, maintenance and repair of industrial equipment”, “Technology of analytical control of chemical compounds”; and “Biochemical production” and “Equipment with means of automation of technological processes and productions”.

On the basis of three Cherepovets colleges (Vologda region) — chemical-technological, metallurgical and technological — clusters of the federal program “Professionalism” will be created. Thanks to “Professionalism” a virtual plant will be created at the Cherepovets Metallurgical College named after Academician Bardin. Ten modern laboratories are being equipped here, for which the entire second floor of the college building is being re-equipped. “Virtual simulators will be created in the laboratories, on which students will be able to work out the entire technological process. Plus — laboratory benches with equipment that is actually used at Severstal. Under the new project, we will accept 225 first-year students this year. By the way, every sixth employee of Severstal — a graduate of our college», — said college director Igor Lyusin.

In September, the Educational and Production Center of the Irkutsk Region of Agricultural Profile, created on the basis of the Tulun Agricultural College, will start working. Here they will train in the areas of “Electrical systems in the agro-industrial complex”, “Operation and repair of agricultural machinery and equipment” and “Economics and accounting (in the agricultural sector)”. One of the first applicants who applied for the demanded specialty “Economics and Accounting” was a graduate of the Tulun secondary school “New Era” Odarchenko Anastasia. She said that she learned about the opportunity to get this specialty during the Single Open Day, which took place in the Angara region on April 16.

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