Lavrov saw a reasonable position of the United States on the supply of weapons to Ukraine

At the same time, according to the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Kyiv “passes all the boundaries of decency” in requests for arms supplies. Also, according to Lavrov, NATO is strengthening its own security in violation of

Russia considers the position of the United States regarding the supply of weapons to Ukraine to be reasonable, while at the same time Kyiv “passes all the limits of decency”; in requests for arms supplies. This was stated by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at a press conference.

“We heard signs of reasonable assessments from Washington, we have repeatedly conveyed our position on this matter through the channels that exist between our countries— between Russia and key Western states,— they know her well, — said the minister.

At the same time, Lavrov accused Ukraine, asking for the supply of multiple launch rocket systems, of provoking the West to become involved in the conflict on Ukrainian territory. “Such risks exist. What the Kyiv regime demands so categorically, in a businesslike way, from its Western patrons, firstly, goes beyond all limits of decency and diplomatic communication, and secondly, it is a direct provocation aimed at drawing the West into hostilities. — Lavrov said.

He also said that NATO is strengthening its own security to the detriment of other countries and accused the alliance of violating OSCE commitments.

“We are not opposed to the way the West arranges its own affairs within the institutions it has created, such as NATO and the European Union, but we are opposed to the West destroying global commitments, including commitments that were made within the framework of the Security Organization and Cooperation in Europe”, — said Lavrov.

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According to him, these obligations state that no country “can strengthen its security at the expense of the security of others, and no organization has the right to claim dominance in the Euro-Atlantic region.” “And NATO is doing just that,” — added by the Foreign Minister.

On May 30, US President Joseph Biden said that Washington would not supply Ukraine with multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS), with which it would be possible to strike at Russian territory. Later, on June 1, Biden specified that the United States would supply Kyiv with advanced missile systems and munitions that would allow it to “more accurately target key targets on the Ukrainian battlefield.” The new $700 million US military aid package will include, among other things, the M142 HIMARS MLRS. The Biden administration stressed that the Ukrainian military will not use them to strike targets in Russia.

Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky has repeatedly asked Western countries to increase the supply of heavy weapons and include the M142 HIMARS and M270 MLRS. Washington refused to transfer such installations to Kyiv, fearing that the Ukrainian military could use them to shell Russian territory.

In an interview with Newsmax on June 1, Zelensky reiterated his plea to the West for long-range weapons, but said the national military would only use them for defensive purposes, not to strike at Russian territory. “We are not interested in what is happening in Russia. We are only interested in our own territory, & mdash; Zelensky said.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has previously said that the supply of weapons to Ukraine capable of reaching Russian territory would be “a major step towards an unacceptable escalation.” Russian Ambassador to Washington Anatoly Antonov, in turn, demanded that the United States stop “pumping” Ukraine with weapons.

At the same time, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev, commenting on Biden's statement that the United States will not supply Ukraine with systems that could be used to strike at Russia, called the words of the American president reasonable. “Otherwise, when attacking our cities, the Russian Armed Forces would have fulfilled their threat and struck at the centers for making these criminal decisions,” — wrote Medvedev in Telegram.

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