NYT: the United States was afraid of the consequences of the confiscation of Russian assets

The NYT publication reports doubts in the Biden administration.

The New York Times, citing sources, reports that the US authorities fear that the proposed confiscation of the assets of the Russian Central Bank will undermine the US international reputation as a reliable investment partner for storing the latter.

A positive solution to the issue is only possible after the legal and reputational consequences are settled, according to a number of US financiers. According to the source of the publication, officials in the Biden administration announced the illegal status of this seizure.

In general, the country's financial sector took the idea with more caution than foreign countries in Europe, for example, who use Russian assets openly.

The NYT notes that the discussion in the Biden camp is still ongoing.

In particular, the confiscation of deposits in dollars and euros placed in local banks by the Russian authorities before the start of the NWO is being discussed.


“Most deposited in Europe, including with the Bank for International Settlements in Switzerland”, – the newspaper writes.

Reputational risks may lead to the fact that banks in other countries, and not only Russia, will invest assets not in dollars, but in a different currency, administration officials say.

Recall that about $300 billion of Russian reserves were frozen in the United States.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that the Jersey authorities froze almost 50% of the assets of oligarch Roman Abramovich, in monetary terms – 7 billion dollars.

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