The psychologist explained why it is dangerous to pay a child for good grades

Child psychologist Polina Zargarova told why it is dangerous to pay a child for good grades and how to properly motivate a student to study well. Channel Five cites her words.

According to the expert, it is worth understanding with understanding that the child does not want to sit over textbooks and notebooks, especially in spring. Zargarova noted that giving money to a child for good grades is the easiest and fastest way to motivate a student to get good grades. 

However, parents do not take into account that in this case the child will interest in learning goes to zero, as his motivation is switched from educational to monetary.

In addition, if the cash flow dries up or the child receives the desired subject, problems may begin, Zargarova emphasized. Such children often do not understand why they need to study at the institute.

To prevent this from happening, it is worth supporting the interests of the student and talking with him about the future profession, the expert added. 

“By keeping him interested in what he will do, we keep him interested in learning. This motivation will be educational — and it will work much longer than monetary motivation,” concluded the psychologist. will appear in all Russian schools. About 18 million children can become its participants.

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