Volodin accused the United States of coordinating Ukraine’s operations against Russia

According to him, Biden himself admitted this, demanding to stop the leaks about the exchange of intelligence data with Ukraine. Volodin recalled the participation of “foreign instructors” in the conflict and called the US leadership war criminals .jpg” alt=”Volodin accused the US of coordinating Ukraine's operations against Russia” />

Viacheslav Volodin

US President Joe Biden “confessed that Washington had declassified” when he demanded to stop leaks about intelligence sharing with Ukraine, State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin said. The United States is involved in the conflict in Ukraine and “essentially coordinates and develops” Ukrainian military operations directed against Russia, he wrote in his Telegram.

This, according to him, is not only about the supply of weapons and equipment and the participation in the conflict of “foreign advisers and instructors”: “the Kyiv Nazi regime was thrown to the aid of American intelligence forces,” the politician claims. He emphasizes that the American administration should be held accountable “for the crimes committed in Ukraine by the Kyiv Nazi regime” and add to the “list of war criminals”.

The fact that Biden at a meeting with CIA Director William Burns and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin demanded an end to leaks of information about the exchange of data between Ukrainian and American intelligence, NBC reported yesterday.

Prior to this, The New York Times wrote that the United States was transmitting intelligence to Ukraine about the expected movements of Russian troops— this information was used to strike at the Russian military. The sources of the publication said that before the United States authorities sought to keep most of the intelligence about the hostilities secret from Kyiv, fearing an escalation from Russia.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said in early April that intelligence information, that the United States is transferring to Ukraine can be used both for defense and for offensive operations.

The Politico newspaper on May 1, citing retired military personnel and PMC employees, reported that trained Americans are participating in hostilities in Ukraine on the side of Kyiv. In the Russian Foreign Ministry, Ukraine was called “a place of accumulation of mercenaries of all stripes.” At the same time, the US authorities urged citizens not to participate in a military conflict.

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