Police warn parents about RAZOR BLADES hidden behind swastika stickers on bus stop outside Kent school

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UK police have launched an investigation after a bus stop near a Kent primary school was targeted with racist and extremist stickers emblazoned with swastikas that had razor blades hidden behind them.

The stickers, which were discovered last month, had been affixed to the bus shelter near a primary school in Dunton Green, Sevenoaks, with local educational establishments warning parents about the “abhorrent incident of vandalism.”

“The worrying aggravating factor was that razor blades were slipped underneath the stickers, creating an injury risk when removing stickers,” Deborah Ellis, the vice principal of the local Dartford Technology College, said in an email to parents and pupils.

Kent police representative Matt Atkinson confirmed the “disturbing behaviour” had occurred, adding that while he did “not want to cause people to panic,” he felt it was crucial to “raise awareness,” as it was “only sheer luck that a child was not harmed.”

Publicly promoting offensive, hate-filled notices is not acceptable in itself but adding razor blades to potentially seriously harm somebody is despicable.

Due to the risk posed by the dangerous items concealed behind the stickers, police have told residents to contact the authorities if they discover them, instead of trying to remove them.

On 22 September 2021 hate-inspired stickers with symbols of the swastika, were found on a bus shelter near the school in Dunton Green and underneath the stickers, razor blades had been placed. Two similar incidents were reported in Chathamhttps://t.co/jEKEp1MawKpic.twitter.com/w1w03h0ook

— UK News in Pictures (@UKNIP247) (@uknip247) October 6, 2021

This is the latest in a string of incidents of offensive stickers being discovered. They were also reported in nearby Chatham on September 5 and September 8, although no razor blades were hidden behind them on that occasion. Later in September, Transport for London (TFL) workers were warned about similar tactics used around anti-vaxxer Covid-19 posters that had been put up in rail and tube stations throughout the capital city. After razor blades were found attached to the back of the posters, workers were urged not to touch them and to seek help from police if they spotted the unlawfully displayed items.

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The general secretary of the Rail, Maritime and Transport Union, Mick Lynch, who represents TfL workers, called for those behind the posters to “face criminal prosecution and the highest possible sentences” for “this disgusting practice of lacing their propaganda with razor blades.” It’s not believed that the incidents in Kent and London are linked.

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