XR activists use HAMMERS & CHISELS to break glass at JP Morgan offices during fossil-fuel protest in London (VIDEO)

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Several members of Extinction Rebellion deployed pink hammers and chisels to punch holes right through the glass front of investment bank JP Morgan’s offices in London’s financial district, to protest its funding of fossil fuels.

Reuters footage from the scene showed the climate activists – one with “stop the harm” written on her back – jump over a fence and begin hitting the glass doors and windows of the financial services giant’s offices in the UK capital. A security guard stands nearby, speaking urgently into a phone, as at least four activists repeatedly pound the glass.   

Extinction Rebellion activists use hammers and chisels to break glass doors at JPMorgan as part of a two-week protest against the financial industry in London pic.twitter.com/EHACrScn4m

— Reuters (@Reuters) September 1, 2021

The group said it was targeting JP Morgan, Barclays and HSBC in its protests on Wednesday to highlight the financial institutions’ roles in “funding and accelerating the climate and ecological emergency” by investing billions of dollars in fossil fuels. 

IN CASE OF CLIMATE EMERGENCY, BREAK GLASS ⚡8 XR women have gently broken windows this morning @ ‘World’s worst bank’ JP Morgan: https://t.co/gWKQ4av14PBeautiful, peaceful, nonviolent disobedience: we love you brave rebel women! ❤️ (Solidarity actions: https://t.co/ISfapbHjpT) pic.twitter.com/9reLPYGOPt

— Extinction Rebellion Scotland 🌍 (@ScotlandXr) September 1, 2021

The Metropolitan Police said in a statement that its officers had arrested eight people “after a group of activists smashed windows at a commercial premises on Victoria Embankment.” 

Wednesday’s incident is the latest in an ongoing series of London protests being staged by the group, which said it would hold a fortnight of demonstrations starting on August 21. 

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