Firefly Day 4 Recap: Kendrick, SZA, Warren G and more.

SZA made her triumphant return to the stage with a high-energy and emotional performance. Speculation as to whether she would perform or not was a hot topic of conversation throughout the festival due to her pulling out of The Championship Tour after announcing that her vocal chords were permanently damaged. When she took to the Backyard stage fans were literally in tears. And she did not disappoint, delivering hits like Supermodel and All the Stars and masterfully nailing her high notes. Welcome back, Queen! As SZA wrapped and the sun set across festival grounds, fans hustled over to the Main Stage to catch Pulitzer Prize-winning rapper, Kendrick Lamar. Anticipation grew as the infamous FOX News sound-byte played. The crowd exploded when Kendrick took the stage amidst literal fireworks to perform his opener, DNA., the second track off his 2017 album, DAMN.. It was his birthday and the crowd was definitely celebrating King Kendrick.

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