Novelist – Major Player Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Ever since a minor kid I knew I was major
Real Gs recognise real G behaviour
Girls like the presence of a man that’s not a hater
N*ggas think they’re bad because they don’t respect their neighbour
I ain’t got the time to get mad I get paper
Laughing at them rappers tryna talk like Darth Vader
Composed when I gotta do my thing later
I seen a brudda die because he was an underestimater
Dressed well best smelling in the elevator
When I intro myself I’m a first-namer
Asking what I do, who I know, I’m not a claimer
What’s the point in bragging if they’re gonna hear later
I can make a trackie feel like I’m wearing a blazer
Vigilance will have you more attractive than a shape up
Dilligence has got me on the road to big paper
Amaretto sour better shake it like a shaker
If a bredda’s funny I ain’t saying ‘see you later’
Dat bredda’s claiming he’s a G but he’s a faker
I ain’t gonna speak when I see a clout chaser
Breddas think they got it cos they hotted up the waiter
But fam I got the juice I got the bag like it’s Jamaica
So wait up before you get fresh it’s best to wake up
Understand the news that I make a straight major
I’m a major player

[Verse 2]
I ain’t giving nuttin but I’m blessing if they diss me
22 but I been thinking older like I’m 50
That’s why I only keep a couple brothers with me
Love the hood but I don’t trust the hood cause man are shifty
But me I hold my corner I’m legit see
I don’t slip I dip when I smell something fishy
I’m bout to take this to a bigger level
They’re saying give me I see it as if you’re my enemy if you ain’t with me
Amaretto sours got me tipsy
I never slip I’m vigilant
The roads are risky for those who quickly react and get drawn out swiftly
I’m a G that’s why I live my life in peace
Major players in the game are rocking with a G
I’m taking out them suckers that was trying to get rid of me
If it’s war then it’s war that’s what it’s gotta be
But I would rather bless it after I hear the apology
Authenticity can’t be a wannabe
I’m rolling with my set and they’re upset but that don’t bother me
Thinking I’m a threat but that ain’t stopping me
I’m doing what I must cause God is giving me authority
People like myself are the minority
Because we make sure keeping it 100’s the priority
And that’s straight up
Taking over everything
I’m a major player

[Outro] (PREM ?)
Major players in the game (in the game) (in the game) (yeah)
Game (yeah)
Major players in the game (in the game) (in the game) (yeah)
Game (yeah)

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