YNW Melly – YNS Lyrics

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Oh, I gotta keep fuckin’ goin’
Young Nigga World
And that’s for life
All my niggas dons, ya dig
Goats, them some dons
Know what I’m sayin’

Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, (Yeah) Young Nigga World, bitch (Yeah)
Yeah, Young Nigga World, bitch
Young Nigga World, G (Okay, bitch)
Young Nigga World, jit (Okay, bitch)
Bitch, bitch, okay, haha
Young Nigga World shit
Young Nigga World shit
Young Nigga World shit
Hol’ up, young nigga shit
This that young nigga shit (Shit)
Been thuggin’ since a jit
Every Glock got a dick (A dick)
A laser on my chopper, tell me how could I miss
Bag a Smith & Wesson, we got Glock 26 (Okay)
Young nigga shit, this that young nigga shit (That shit)
They’ll tape his momma up and throw his ass in a ditch (Lil bitch)
I heard you bout that action but lowkey you a bitch
I seen the paperwork, lil boy, I know you a snitch
Oh, god damn, uh [?], you say you broke as fuck and that you down on your dick (Get off your ass)
Well, get off off your ass and go and hit you a lick
Go and get them credit cards and [?]
Wait, go and get them credit cards and bring ’em to me
You wanna make 1200 dollars, come and fuck with me
I got a whole lotta real niggas who love me
I got a whole lotta killers who fuck with me
And they still fuck with me even though we
From two different fuckin’ parts of the atmosphere
I got diamonds and they shinin’ like [?] (Like [?])
Catch you nigga haters, how we do your [?] (Do your [?])
And you know a nigga got a couple bands in here (Got ’em bands)
I’m in the booth right now, I got a couple bands in here
She wanna fuck, she wanna sell, but I ain’t no baby
Hell nah, don’t you see me with my old lady
Hell nah, we got [?] like Old Navy
Boy, that ain’t not damn Versace, that’s Old Navy
I don’t care, if it’s fire, I wear it, fuck who made it (Fuck you x2)
Why the fuck, ooh ohh, Capri Sun (Capri Sun)
Ridin’ with that Glock, he [?]
Ooh, god damn, oh, they trapped us
The feds on the phone, I think they trapped us (The trapped us)
Free John [?], I think they trapped him
If he got a problem, don’t you ask him (Don’t you ask)
Shawty on my dick, she gettin’ nasty (She nasty)
Baby, send that address, oh [?]
Boy gon’ send that address on weekend
W, I swear we don’t take no losses (No losses)
I got VVS on me and they so frosty (So frosty)
And your bitch suck the dick with the lip gloss (Lip gloss)
And it’s poppin’ like lil mama, take that bitch to the Bahamas
Okay, bitch, you bout that drama
We got pistols for days
He say pressure, okay
Hol’ up, ooh, chips lays
Ooh, chips lays
When he die I smile
When he died I smiled (Happy)
When he died I smiled (Okay)
When he died I smiled (Smiled)
Hope that boy beat trial (Smile)
He gon’ [?] the [?]
They tryna take his child (His child)
Tryna take your child, ayy
Take that shit to trial, ayy
Put that child support, uh, on that bitch
Cause if you don’t she gon’ do it to you (Do it to you)
She gon’ do it to you (You)
I’m blood gangster, woop (Suwoop)
Man keep it going, do it
[?] fuck you do

1090 shit, oo oo
Young Nigga World

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