Akrobatik – Alive Lyrics

I’m in my crib feeling blast
Early afternoon session and my homies just left
All of a sudden started feeling mad stressed
Like an elephant was standing on my mother f**king chest
Now I start to panic and the game took in false
Agitated by accelerated rates of my pulse
I called up my lady like I think I’m dying, hon
She said, get off the phone with me and call 911
I tried, cause shit was really faded in a hurry at this point
The numbers on my phone was all blurry and shit
But by the grace of god I managed to dial
And told them please send somebody to my crib right now!
I knew that that’s the only way that I would stand a chance
I’m a rider, but now I’ll be riding in an ambulance!
They found me face down on a pavement
Probably thinking about my tombstone engravement
Vague memories were begging for resistance
They said they couldn’t help me
But we’re just a short distance from a hospital
Mass general, class medical facility, incredible professional abilities
Next thing that I remember was my mom’s voice
Ain’t she in VA and holding my hands
My aunt Joyce, what’s going on?
How long have I been strapped to this table?
I wanna speak, but the ventilator makes me not able
I’m hoping that is just a nightmare
But every time I open my eyes I’m right there
Tools and machines everywhere, I guess they’re helping me survive
Well, at least I’m alive!

Been down, been down, now, now I’m back
Been down, been down, now, now I’m back
Been down, been down, now, now I’m back
Never felt more alive

A so called heart attack
Got you brother acting, ICU
You almost murdered me
It’s time for a emergency, surgery
In and out of consciousness, doping me up
Not knowing they’re about to call, open me up
They couldn’t hesitate, they had to saw through my chest plate
It’s sort of wild how they fix my aortic valve
Artificial parts and wires will take months to heal
Now it’s for real when I say that I’m the man of steel
Friday the 13th, the day that I won’t be hating soon
Cause friends and family was pondering in the waiting room
Words spread quicker than a stronger aroma
Roumer was that your boy was in a comma, yeah!
Shit was serious, of course I was oblivious
Damn near frozen, but not decomposing
Best friend in my ear saying I’m the chosen one
The resurrection, far from the dead direction
Cousin hugging my arm for what felt like days
For all the love I was amazed
Then the docs finally let me know that I would survive
I can’t believe I’m alive

Been down, been down, now, now I’m back
Been down, been down, now, now I’m back
Been down, been down, now, now I’m back
Never felt more alive

Trust me all, the shit does not tickle
Tubes buried in my belly steady eatin’ popsicles
IVs and catheter felt like I was massacred
Thanking God I’m not the one they had to buy the casket for
But even now while I’m dropping this rhyme
I’m recognizing if it’s not your time, it’s not your time!
I went from an unimaginable death
To smile at my homies while I took my first steps
My head cleared when I stopped taking vicodin
Now all I think about it is getting on this mic again
And to each and everyone who said a prayer for me
Shed a tear for me, maybe put one in the air for me
All I Can say is thanks for giving me strength
Because I truly believe you increased my life’s length
All I had to do is show some dedication
Now all I gotta do is take a little medication
You won’t help me avoid disaster
In the come back, better stronger and faster
Now it’s my mission to prove that I’m deserving
Cause thanks to God ya’ll and brilliant surgeons
I’m alive!

Been down, been down, now, now
Been down, been down, now, now
Been down, been down, now, now
Never felt more alive, never felt more alive

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