Sweet Tee – Show And Prove Lyrics

Right here is the place for you to get yours
Those who can’t, wait, pause
Listen to the fly bassline and kick drum
You can’t hear it? Then throw a tantrum
And to make sure [?]
All the people in the place will know
This music, listen to the way I choose it
My talent, no, I’ll never lose it
See everyone applaud and get to it
No one ever try to diss or boo it
How could they anyway?
With me on the mic and my DJ on the cuts, hey
She’s sharp like a dart or cleaver
DJs, I suggest you leave her
Be, oh I see, I gotta make my move
You wanna hang with us? Then show and prove

You got ta show and prove

Show and prove, I’ll prove and show it
Whenever Tee’s on the mic, you know it’s
Got to be the moment that you were gonna
See somethin’ really spectacular
I’m pure like a thoroughbred, faster than a stallion
Bad in German, Swedish or Italian
[Cherish?] the mic the way a kid with crayons
I reach the [?] soul like in a séance
Paid to rock around the clock and knock your sock
Hip hop down, until your ass drops
This song is on so sing along
When you think I’m out of breath I’ll still be rockin’ on
You want a rhyme? I’ma feed you like a hog
Devour the lines just like a dog
I’m talkin’ to you, so get with the groove
What I’m ready to do is show and prove

I’m gonna show and prove

Get out my pad, I’m on a rampage
Grab all your stuff, and clear the damn stage
I sound stronger than a bottle of gin, straight
Out the box, I’m packin’ em in when
I just snap it, just start rappin’
Hear your beat tappin’, hands start clappin’
Now here’s some more def grammar to relate to
No punctuation needed, I’ll go straight through
[Pack it up?] hit you harder than a phaser
My voice will tranq you, the beat will raise you
Off the floor, off your chair, while you’re there
Raise your hair, I’ll have you floatin’ on it
The S-W, double-E, double-T
Pack ’em up to the balcony
When the show starts, hear them yell for me
Don’t get frustrated if you can’t see
Don’t need a telescope to [tell this code?]
[Prosthetic?], forget it, just yell it’s dope
Cause it’s [due?], the beat is too smooth
Can you swing with this? Then show and prove

I wanna see you show and prove
You got ta, got ta, got ta show and prove
You gotta-gotta show and prove

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