Dr. Yen Lo – Day 81 Lyrics

[Intro: From The Manchurian Candidate]
Oh you note-takers might set down a reminder to consult… (Metal)
…experiments in the hypnotic production of antisocial and self-injurious behaviour

[Verse 1: Ka]
I love blindly and hate with a focus
That define me, no fake could approach us
Believe in my ace, no faith in the jokers
Was praying late in ’88, taking them chokers
Thieving benjis, not even pennies safely in loafers
Forbidden living in the place full of roaches
Did A to Z, then agency, threw eighths to the hopeless
Went from bagging and dragging magnums to making a opus
Dumb hood, never understood caking with no risk
Shots peeling, not civilian, it’s blatant we soldiers
A rock climber, got drama breaking them boulders
Drive a smooth ride, pimps taking the motor
Told from jump, bump mine, pump on the front line
Rolled alone, not from a sober home, couldn’t unwind
Plans for static, if mans ain’t have it I brung mine
Dip in gold slippers, sifting cokes, calling one-time
We ride in fear, lotta years if cops caught us
Blocks forage, if not would’ve jotted in locked quarters
Sword the flock orders on board with top scorers
Props in here, call me papa bear, this hot porridge
Righteous bars, as far as your syntex, it’s insects
A raw writer, more spider you can’t spin next
Crime is how mind reward a doubt
Times are drought, climb that water spout
Itsy bitsy, slung to get crispy
Almost choked in the web spun to fix me
You in the wrong lane, young, trynna ball to fame
Along came the sun, dried up all your rain
You in the wrong lane, young, trynna ball to fame
Along came the sun, dried up all your rain

Comrade, we thank you
If we may proceed with the demonstration

[Verse 2: Roc Marciano]:
Grip the eagle in the green Regal
Live illegal, deceitful
Get the cream, I got a sweet tooth
Bend your queen up like a cheap boot
Creep through, one piece, that’s not a ski-suit
Squeeze a few, I heard geese flew
Keep a freak, at least two
Turn the weak beef to BBQ to get GQ
My unique hue, make bitches rock something that’s see-through
Time heals, reveal the pineal
Tires peel, YSL, you know the game, buy and sell
Got crack under the nails, Chanel, pink champale
Pelle Pelle mademoiselle, CL, left a chem trail
For intel, rinse your skin cell
Eighty-foot yacht with the windsail
Begin the tale, now let the wind tell
Then slide up in your femme fatale with G-E-L
Might wanna keep that on the DL

You say this man has been built as an assassin (Metal)

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