Cashius Green – Monumental Robbery Lyrics

[Hook x3: Cashius Green]
f**k the price of gasoline
That means the weed mans gonna tax my trees
Cocaine has never been cheap
Bitch gettin’ stingy with that lean
And make that ‘tshh’ sound, we’ll see
When the world comes crumbling down on you
And you’re back to square one, what’s up?

[Verse 1: Cashius Green]
Aye, I see you hit my after shave, you love when shit gets bumpy
I’m gettin’ closer to guapo-age,[?] they taxin’ me for puddin’
Aye, what are you sweatin’ me for? I’m just trying to get meals
The E-A-L’s and the I-L-L’s got the plastic seals
And I pack a 9 mili, cause they robbin’ for pills
Spark me a light, I’m just tryin’ to find god
Not a fraud uncle Tom that can’t show me how to stack chips
Fold a bunch of dollar bills until you need elastic
If you ain’t got the burner, need some other murder tactic
Want to throw the first stone, better have aim
I’m retaliating with that special 38, don’t ricochet
Jail time’s like NFL time
Give that nigga 4 years for nothing, he’s too big in these streets
Niggas hand cuffing, keep it real with these freaks
I’m just tryin’ to get head, not a left handed ring
Right for the game, if you down with my trap
Run you some laps cause they taxin’ for gasoline
My drug dealing queen, with a dream
Try to play both sides, either ride or you die ho
You two have fun I’ll continue the vinyls[?]
Sell out seats and this LSD
Acid sheets ’bout to flood these streets
Know I better have that art down here
Cause I just taught my guns how to talk down here
And they yellin’ in pairs, I’m stressin’ off life
Rather see you in hell
Look at this nigga, he’s destined to fail
Tell me something new
When uncle Snoop said they gon’ pull a voodoo in the tinted white coup
They barrel[?] potato, leave off your tomato, and spit in your soup

[Hook x3:Cashius Green]

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