Quilly – Blue Sea Lyrics (feat. Vodka)

[Hook] (2x)
Fire on the beachhead
Reflecting deep blue sea
And we sail from the mainland
And we sail to be free

[Verse 1: Quilly]
Did it for the fam, did it for myself
Kick that shit bitch, did it for the belt
New edition; I don’t even need no group
Bobby Brown; I don’t even need no help
Spit that Whitney, this that crack
Give you that Pac shit; ain’t no Biggie
Sell you that straight drop; peanut butter; Jiffy
Hood nigga, I’m just tryna make it out the city
Before a bitch stab me in the back
Or one of the niggas’ I roll with, give me a wiggy
That’s that new shit, that’s that Quilly
That’s that street shit, that’s that Philly
That’s that sound like a come up
Get back, I’ma give you everything, make you sit back
These niggas’ got me f**ked up
Kriss-Kross; everything mismatched
Light the shit up till’ it’s pitch black
I don’t even celebrate Christmas
But I bring the flow to you; gift wrap
You couldn’t even pay me for a diss track
Work out, pay me for the 6 pack
Grind hard, I don’t even sleep
If I don’t put the work in then I don’t even eat
Talk that talk or we shouldn’t even speak
Used to wait for Black Friday
Now the True Store can get it any given Sunday
Your trap pops first of months
My shit pop Monday to Monday
You gon’ love me later, you mines well hate me now
If you ain’t f**k wit me when I was broke
When I get back up, don’t ask for a break down

[Hook] (2x)
Fire on the beachhead
Reflecting deep blue sea
And we sail from the mainland
And we sail to be free

[Verse 2: Vodka]
Ooh, this is for my niggas’ on their 3rd strike
Wheeling’ a dirt bike
MAC-10 squeeze; hope it squirt right
Hope it don’t jam, hope it work right
I just switch the flow, I be hoping that they don’t bite
But, they do so, I am what they don’t like
2 wrongs, do the right thing like Spike
Switch pure white like a thief in the night
When I was young, I ain’t wanna be nothin’ like Mike
Mike ain’t have 16 in clip and 1 in the pipe
When he hail down the strip
I know dope fiends that really want (?)
And got a ring and they stayed their dip
Playa, what you no good? Bad bitches and a bankroll go good
Purple Haze and a backwood, smoke good
Go good like Butters and oakwood
Dough good, so good

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