Cities Aviv – Fool Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Come to terms with this shit makes you decide to burn
Watch it crumble like these answers from eternal urns
You can find me out on poplar
Crown Royal hanging off my shoulder like it’s popular
That’s absurd, in remembrance
All these suckers think they better by the numbers
But this ain’t no competition, you won’t make it through the summer
If your mental say you’re 19, 99 problems
Guess these evils couldn’t find me, I stay peace
Shout my leisure
Don’t be foolish nigga, yeah you must be stupid
If you think they give a f**k about this message in your music
The treble and the bass, now a trending topic
But tomorrow such a phase, a name without a face
I called my nigga Cory, told him hit me with some jay’s
Cause I’m headed to an alternative state
It’s OK if you ain’t hearing from me
That’s just my phone connection
If you still my people
Know we can stay connected
Mobbin’ in this

This life is dummy like this fool shit
Stay up and don’t be caught up in these foolish games
It’s plenty travels to the top
Once you step in know there ain’t no turning back
And that is that
I had a convo’ with my old man
He told me don’t get caught up in these foolish games
So spit your diamonds and cream
But this money ain’t gon’ manifest a dream
This I digress

Being that I never was
This person that I said I wasn’t
Everything I should have felt
I could really desire nothing
Scattered like these shards of glass
Dead static from the planets reigned over myself, reigned over myself
I keep on circling, through

[Verse 2]
Party’s over well I showed up at the ending
No promise of new beginnings
The future is for the dealing
For the taking just embrace it with each and every mistake
As our winnings fuse into the void, all is to be destroyed
Planet’s back to zero
Transcendental prophets got me setting off my ego
Screaming through devices, not a prophet or a hero
Just a nigga from the other side, into infinity by way of 1989


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