Pete Flux & Parental – The Calm Lyrics

Pete Flux
DJ Parental
And this is the calm

[Verse 1]
Mama said there’ll be beats like this
So ya boy knock em dead, then I’ll rewrite his
Tory, get the glory with the green light lit
From Kalhex, flow break necks
Of people that they’ve met
Not feeble what we rep while killing instrumentals
Vocals overseas to Paris and Parental
Get the ball rolling, leaving em all open
If the beat had a face, the shit would be all swollen
My punches come in bunches and I’m eating niggas lunches
With the bars made of tungsten cause the shit is just my function
Didn’t understand? I’ll lower the speed
Flowing with ease cause I know what you need
Positive vibes that’ll go with cha weed
No need to hold it in, you’ve been told you can breathe
So go and exhale while a nigga set sail
Got my rhymes on lock and I haven’t set bail

[Hook] (x2)
Hip hop lives, I coulda sworn!
I’ve been waiting for this since I was born
Now my entity is formed
And this is the calm before the storm

[Verse 2]
Building from the bottom and no sight of the top
But I think that I’m a problem and I might have a shot
Of getting to that paper, own my forty acres
Inhale the vapors, never feeling greater
Sadly not my current situation
Deterrents I am facing, watch the burning of my nation
Mind blurs on occasion, what I’m burning is amazing
I digress, I sigh less with this heart in my chest
It’s pumping, beat bumping, this shit is what I rep
Watch me straighten out the joint just like a tricep
Then I move along, another groovy song
I’m rookie of the year until I’m proven wrong
Careful with my crumbs, live with no regrets
My competition’s all thumbs like they over text
Keep smiling everyday cause I know I’m blessed
Proving it’s a must to add Flux to your rolodex

[Hook] (x2)

[Bridge] (x2)
Make your luck, when times are tough
We grind enough, we climbing up

[Verse 3]
Was a jack of all trades, but a master of none
In my basketball days I was rapping for fun
Now I’m scheming always and I’m passive to some
Cause I’m chilling all blazed tryna stack up the funds
From the tracks getting made while I battle my lungs
And this is not a phase, so I grapple the rungs
On the ladder to success, isn’t in my clutch yet
Bars make you wobble like you listening to dub step
Move, while I’m spitting to the rhythm
Every time it’s fresh when I bless, it’s a given
I gotta blow up and that’s word to my mom
For now, let’s experience the calm

[Hook] (x2)

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