Naeman – Stay Right Here Lyrics

Yeah Yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah (oder) Stay right here… etc etc

[Vers 1 (G,C, G, C)]
She got that smile, that I could see all day long
But she’s wasting time, cause she thinks he loves her the most

[Pre-Chorus (2x Em, ?, G, C)]
I know, that you’re worth way more than this
I hope u hear me praying these word on my lips

[Chorus (2x G, D, Em, C)]
You’re all I need
That’s what your make me feel
Even though you might need time to think it over
I’ll stay right here

You’re all I see
That’s what u make me feel
Even though u might need time to get closer
I won’t let go, I’ll stay right here

[Vers 2 (G,C, G, C)]
For all, all the times
That you told me u don’t like ur face
I hope you’ll be fine, when I say
There’s not a thing I would change

[Pre-Chorus (2x Em, ?, G, C)]
I’ll show, you patience and kindness everyday
Can’t control, these emotions don’t u hear me sayin’

[1 x Chorus]

[Bridge (2x Em, ?, G, C)]
….hereeeeeeeee, yeah
….heeeereeeeeeee, yeah

Open up your heart, I know that u’ve been hurt before
Been through the same, I’ll make u believe in love again
Pick up all your tears, baby, promise never let you down
I won’t let go, stay right here

[1 x Pre-Chorus (2x Em, ?, G, C)]

Yeah Yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah

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