Schec – Bending Backwards Lyrics (feat. Cam Meekins)

I’ve been on the road a lot
Leather jackets and ripped jeans all I got
Now I pull so easy like a chip shot
This tour bus got me acting like a big shot
Pretty girls try to get my attention
Boston girls all in my twitter mentions
They’re really trying to make that connection but
We’re only chilling in the VIP section
There’s this one chick
She stays on my mind
Haven’t seen her in years
Feels like a past life
Hope she might notice me or
Peep my tweets
Been tryna warm up
But she’s still acting coldly
I just wanna kick it
Have a drink and catch up
She probably thinks
I’m only trying to f**k
Ya I wouldn’t mind it
But I want something more cus
I think she’s the one
I’m bending over backwards for

For you girl
For you

I meet a lot of girls on the road
Can’t say I don’t mind it
But it’s soon getting old
Don’t like to name drop but
Now I might have to
Call me soon Elizabeth
Really wanna talk to you
On our own paths
Doing our own things
Both still in school
But I’m going out on limbs
Hope you’ve been well
Damn it’s been a while
Haven’t seen you in a minute
I’ve got a new style
Let me take you out
Show you how I changed
Used to be shy
But now I’m in the game
You can hit my line
I really won’t mind
Usually I’m busy
But for you I’ll make time
Sorry I’m crushing
Hope I got you blushing
Really not bluffing
I hope the song got you humming
Can give you all my loving
Turn nothing into something
Wanna see you in the crowd
When the lights are all flashing
For sure

For you girl
For you

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