Kid Dop3 – Drummer Boy Lyrics

It’s all good (Yeah)
It’s all good, it’s all good
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Two phones on me, Sidekick jumping me
Yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah

See them niggas in my rearview, looking out for them Winslows
Pieces hanging out the window, like a driveby on Hanukkah
Pull up on ’em like a Drummer Boy, packing something like it’s Ramadan
Coming baring gifts with all my niggas, we celebrate, with drugs and bitches

[Verse 1: Kid Dop3]
Issues on issues, we leaving, put niggas on early dismissal
These lil niggas chillin’, while the spliff god rollin’ up a seven
I’ve been rolling deep like Adele, been too busy tryna catch a wave
Trade the clippers in for some dreads, but my nigga you can catch the fade
Better watch your tone boy, you don’t need a 10
Them boys will spot that ass quick, like check that leopard print
And the bucket wasn’t even 17, I had a half B on the highway
Took a zan before I bought a Beamer, like how the f**k this get in my driveway?
Yeah, yeah, I am not joking, I’m totally motherf**king focused
That acid trip ain’t even phasing me, I ain’t even motherf**king notice
Yeah, you niggas, are all figments, of a world that I created
Yeah yeah yeah

[Hook x 2]

[Bridge: Kid Dop3 and CRSLYRC]
Do you really want to know, how a nigga keep it low
It should come as no surprise
That I’ve been smoking on this dro
Tryna stay up from the po, but it’s all right

[Verse 2: CRSLYRC]
Come f**k with the kid, but don’t f**k with the kid
I frequent the fast lane, keep up with the kid
Smoke til I’m top floor, your bitch is an eyesore
My shorty’s an outlaw, I’m Billy the Kid
All I really need is this life of sin is 100 million reasons to repent
The root of evil never looked so appealing, I live underground but I walk on the ceiling
Slave to the wave ’til my grave day, looking for a payday
I couldn’t really care about a naysay
Wray wray, sipping with a bitch, I’m on a playdate
Puffin on a jay jay, rubbing her vajayjay
Blowing up like a meth lab, Mr White when I chef blue
Fully loaded and I’m off the holster, world on my shoulder, cup runneth over, yuhh

[Verse 3: Daz Merchant]
Water diamonds on my neck, you know a nigga can’t swim (no, no)
I’m never ever really lacking, you know a nigga don’t slip (no, no)
Unless I’m slipping in the DM’s, unless I’m slipping in ya bitch (Ya!)
I don’t care about no drama, I care about getting rich (cash out)
Pull out the pocket rocket and I can set off, I just got the V, I need to get that off
Pussy niggas sucking lead off, they all on my dick, please tell ’em to get off
I know a couple niggas holding berettas, my shows always lit looking like it’s Coachella
If this was 2005, I’d be up in the club bumpin’ that 50, a couple gang members
Popping Cristal with Sean John on my denim, dammit that young nigga spittin’ that venom
Shit on ’em all and now it’s all accidental, you got a couple blogs? Boy I got several
Real nigga shit, I square up with the Devil, got ya bitch screaming like a tea kettle
High off the [?] and you are sea level, legend in my city, I am a rebel

[Hook x 2]

[Verse 4: Kid Dop3]
I’m the “Drugs won’t stop you from working” spokesperson
Been at it from the jump soon as my Converse hit the turf
Told them boys I get it done just to show ’em it’s closed curtains
Pull an arson in your hall like I co-star with Ed Murp
That ship’ll get burnt down
Falling victim to the cycle, rip through the tide and get washed out
Man, I swear I feel so numb to this shit, frostbit my fingers, still ain’t losing the grip
I can smell blood in the water, I should’ve you pussies not to swim while you leaking
Not concerned with the time of the month, just surviving the season
And I bet not catch you slip, no Po po snapping them photos
Anything to put me in that box, but I don’t think they want to see me working that post
Roll up, let it breathe, I’m working the coast, vice grippin’ these demons, won’t let me go
A nigga just hit me with a pack of the blues like he shipping bad news
Get that work and never hit snooze

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
All of my niggas been at it, all of my niggas some addicts dawg
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Civics to beamers, riding around in big [?] dog
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah

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