Montana of 300 – Left Me in the Rain Lyrics

[Chorus: Montana of 300] x2
She tried to run game (oh nah) told that bitch it’s over
She found her a lame (spendin’ loot) he be trickin’ on her
But don’t fuck the same (way I do) shit feel different don’t it
Left me in the rain (yeah) came back drippin’ on her

[Verse 1: Montana of 300]
Check out my drip step up out the whip
Gucci on my kicks I’m in my bag
Like I’m eating chips she used to be my dip
Cold as ice but that bitch ain’t that slick
And I ain’t no [!] I had to roll
She went behind my back like I set a pick
Now she sick Bayless just like Skip
And she need a fix while he tricks
She sends naked pics she must miss this dick
I ignore her now she hurt she pissed
‘Cause it wasn’t worth the risk
You had your shot blew it like a crip now miss me like a brick
Now you spyin’ all on my Instagram
I’m drippin’ sauce you see me shinin’
You miss the way I taste you miss the way I used to slide in
Kissin’ lickin’ suck all on her titties while you ride it
Lay you on your stomach and go crazy from behind it
Feelin’ on your booty like R. Kelly bumpin’ grindin’
But we can’t rewind it
I’m the truth like confessions I came clean
Have the drip show that what the rain bring
Had to cut that bitch off tryna gangrene
You get dick but bitch it ain’t the same thing

[Chorus] x2

[Verse 2: No Fatigue]
Watch out I’m the shit, might have an effect on yo bitch
Aye, just like a pick, thought I was a lick
Said that she had my back realized that bitch wasn’t shit
No [!], she thought that I was gone slip
And it’s not a diss bet that she miss
What I used to do for baby like I’m the one that got [!]
Fuck her brains out fuck her brains out
Didn’t make no sense, on social media
Blowing up all of my pics I could tell she miss the dick
Thinkin’ I’m tweakin’ got me feelin’ like Wayne
Bitch got me misunderstood
Cut that bitch off, I know you see it was simple
Now it’s fuck her like a nympho, we used to fuck
No Chris Brown, switch up the tempo
Let her ride me like a rental, [!]
Break her back like a pencil, beat that pussy instrumental
Thinkin’ she had me, thought she had the game
All that bitch got was a demo, found her a lame
Trickin’ if he got it, [!] need to stop it
I got different options, had her on cuffs call me Thompson
Now that shit dead, unresponsive
She keep on callin’, I keep on pressin’ ignore
I fuck around I might block her, don’t do no pop-ups
I’m not your daddy or poppa
Shit got too hot so I dropped her, aye

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