Drastic Solution – Attack In The Night lyrics

We shake the ground and the Gods tonight
With our tigers and the tigers two
Now we can fight
Now we can be might
The encounter is sudden
But they don’t expect it
An attack in the night no one has ever seen
Nothing to see
Darkness cover all

Panzer division!
Panzer division!

Begin to shoot on the first dirty mark
The thunder of our guns wakes the gods
Fire, explosions
Sadic, emotions
Counterattack is ready and immediate
Tankshells and anti-tank rockets arrive
But we don’t worry
Our armor is impenetrable

Panzer division!
Panzer division!

We will delete this area from map
We have a huge firepower to kill
It’s time to get serious
It’s time to destroy
We will not do dirty prisoners tonight
Allied forces have fallen at our feet
Sudden invasion
Drastic Solutions
We shook the ground and the Gods
Tonight… Panzer!!!

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