King Riss – RNDM Freestyle lyrics

Twenty Four Seven
I’ve been Chill with my Niggas
Talk about so you wanna be like kas
Effect The Other that I can’t be
Explain What? Have do to us
[Freestyle Verse]
I’m Better Ever! Really kill me
Never! I’m a King Forever, There’s
No Dout what? Ever
Get my tape where ever! We never
I made a Song About Emtee and
Cici to do for 5o Akitsi am trying
To work out and
To Impress my Family am killing
The niggas, Am Feeling like Ermelo
How can I forget about what? You
Did, if you been taking just take a
Sit, somebody is Coming is about
The lik now am a Rap “God” every
Thing is me a Goal kick about of
Any joy living like for Nigerian”s

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