Meek Mill & Pusha T – Black Moses Feat. Priscilla Renea Lyrics

(Intro – Priscilla Renea)
I been working all day, hmmm til the sun go down
Back hurt, feet hurt, but I still got to work
Who gonna save me? Hmmm, break every chain, hmmm
Take me away from this place and leave me away

(Chorus – Priscilla Renea)
Running like I know they coming for me
I’m bout to spill enough blood to fill the red sea
Fear no evil, bout to set my people all free
If they crucify me, that’s just what it’s gon be
Black Moses, Moses, woah now
Black Moses, Moses, woah now
Black Moses, Moses, woah now
Black Moses, Moses, woah now

(Verse 1 – Pusha T)
Kill em all, that’s the minimal, only way to fend em off
Leave em sitting at death’s door, proper way to send em off
They’ll just beat me til the sin is off or my skin is off
Some tried to run, they got tracked down, now our limit’s off
I’m just tryna find the North, let the stars design the course
Hope the mud can hide my scent, pray the night can slow they horse
Got me shackled up in chains, even made me change my name
But they couldn’t trap my mind, this cry for freedom ain’t in vain
See they taught us half the story, didn’t know we came from glory
Years ago we was kings before the boats came and load me
Woo, gotta keep running, gotta keep running
Yah, cause they keep gunning, and they keep coming

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Meek Mill)
Slaves, on the North side of Philly
Where they tell their mamas
And go spend that money they made on designer
We shoot at our brothers but run from the coppas
In front of Your Honor, begging for freedom
If freedom got free in it, why it ain’t free then?
We go get a lawyer, a liar, that’s descent
To meet with the District Attorney agreement
Like take it or leave it, leave it or take it
If we finna take it, I’m finna go straight for the win
Winning, winning, winning
We started as slaves, we came up from nothing
If I could live twice, I would do it again
Again and again, gain and again, huh
Who gon love your momma on them drugs
Little babies that was never loved
So they run into the corner store
Quarter water only time they get a hug
Get some coca, only time they get some work
Say that it be popping on the first
He was popping when he had the money
Til they popped him, now he riding in a hearse
This is real s**t, ni**a, not a verse
People really, really outta work
Kids starving something gotta work
Preacher even trapping out the church
Put them shackles on my arm and leg
All them days made my body hurt
Locked my brothers all up in the cage
So we turn to prayer, hoping God will work

(Repeat Chorus)