Madchild & Evidence – Drama

[Scratch Hook]
Let’s continue the saga
Mad drama

[Verse 1]
This is pure Afghan war and terror dope
People watch me like staring through a periscope
I didn’t end up handcuffed
Three more years, throw the L.A. hands up
Fuck man, you startled us
Shit, how the fuck did he come back like Spartacus
Love my fans that are like he’s a part of us
Bax War fam saying “Fuck man, you started us”
People’s nose in my business like Snoopy
Like “how old’s the chick that he fucked?” it’s a groupie
The reaching. It got me skeptical as shit
Playboy, I’m the new Hugh Hefner in this bitch
I’m a hustler
Full of poison like I’m packing smoke
Kids are fake. Not really animals, they’re jackalopes

[Scratch Hook]
Mad drama
Let’s continue the saga

[Verse 2]
Dia de Muertos, a day of the dead
Instead of harnessing the carnival inside of my head
Yeah, now the adrenaline’s kicked in
Hell up in and now replenish me, developing thick skin
Assembling words, I’m prevalent
Penalties for taking advantage of my benevolence
See the glim to my dark eyes, malevolent
Tremble from new energy. Revel in redevelopments
Werewolf, pain bloom in the autumn night
Black skies, full moon, slaughter when I write
God almighty oddity that isn’t thought of lightly
Frightening God of thunder riding down a rod of lightning
Still I stay low key and hang with OGs
Rappers see me in top form and they’re like “oh geez”
Old beast, keep writing ‘til I’m obese
‘Cause when you’ve been through hell and back you don’t get cold feet

[Scratch Hook]
You can’t take the drama
Continue the saga
Mad drama

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