Lyrics to ‘Foreword’ by Tyler, The Creator:

–Verse 1: Tyler, The Creator–
How many cars can I buy till I run out of drive?
How much drive can I have, until I run out of road?
How much road can they pave, until I run out of land?
How much land can it be until I run in the ocean?
Niggas go with the motion and all the plans
See I was never into the beaches and all the sand
See I was in the woods with flowers, rainbows and posies
Falling out of my pocket, but ya’ll want to know if I swam to cool down
How much cooler can I get until run out of fans?
How many fans can I have till they turn on the AC?
If the AC blow up, then I am TNT
I’m gone

–Bridge: Rex Orange County–
I’m gone and I’m finished
And, I ain’t seen my friends in a minute
Guess that nothing lasts forever
No, nothing lasts forever
Nothing sticks together
Sick of sitting in doubt
Please let me figure this out

–Verse 2: Tyler, The Creator–
Shoutout to the girls that I lead on for occasional head and always keeping my bed warm
And trying their hardest to keep my head on straight
And keeping me up enough till I had thought I was airborne
How many raps can I write till I get me a chain?
How many chains can I wear till I’m considered a slave?
How many slaves can it be till Nat Turner arrives?
How many riots can it be till them Black Lives Matter?
When niggas click, clack, splatter, pew, pew that nigga
Life a game of basketball, you better shoot that nigga
Cause if that cop got tricky, he better pull
Cause when I get pulled over, I usually play it cool
Cause I know what I’m driving is usually paid in full
And my ego and possessions, will not let me be one be
Cause I got a mansion, my mansion got some rooms
And rooms got some windows
And my windows got some views
And views get some stairs
And my backyard does too
And if you walk to the bottom
You’ll probably see a pool
You better not drown
Keep them ten toes up
Cause if those ten toes down
That mean that you fucked up
And that’s what I swim in

–Outro: Rex Orange County–
And if I drown and don’t come back?
Who’s gonna know? (Baby, then I’ll know)
And if I crash and don’t come back?
Who’s gonna know? (Baby, then I’ll know)
And if I fall and don’t come back?
Who’s gonna know? (Baby, then I’ll know)
I’m wondering if I don’t come back
Baby, then I’ll know

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