Jam Baxter – Soi 36 (Mansion 38 Deluxe Edition Album)

Adjust the AC
Little man
Scurry on

[Verse 1]
Compelled to win
Caged birds seldom sing
That’s why I pick locks in my spare time
All my vultures exiled in sin
I couldn’t help but grin
When you crowned yourself a king
The singular tenant in the hornets nest that never felt a sting
The whole crew stank of stardom
Converse in the crew new deep fangle jargon
All that was left in the wake
Were the ethanol fumes and a strangled barman
Churn out wheels like a battery farmer
My life’s a perpetual act of arson
The very same serpents that bit my tongue
Now fill a deep grave in an abandoned garden
Small time villain to the core
Brain like a prisoner of war
Yeah, another bloodstained year
Another string of woman to ignore
It took me a while to absorb your blindness
Hatchback looking like a four door virus
Screetchin the tires as the customers twitch like
Jellyfish squished on a four chord spineless

You can’t predict your future like that
Shoot that crimson moon and lie back
I was in the bits consuming my stash
Dealing with this bitch that puked in my lap
You are not part of a single movement I back
I ordered a brain and supersize that

[Verse 2]
Hit DMT on abandoned beaches
Got the skies all smashed to pieces
And when we all rereach the surface
We can sit and gass about who swam the deepest
I was in the wormholes catchin’ reaches
Must’ve mistook your fam for leeches
Dr Benway digs in your chest like
"Fam I’ve lost count of this man’s diseases"
My breath reeks of a thousand things
Emerged from a thick green cloud of gin
Stashed pockets like walk-in closets
I never let a bouncer win
We had to explore your core
So we dug that scalpel in
Yeah, instant rebirth
Just add water to pile the skin
This Jam just got strange
I been yammin’ on champing on yons bay
I saw your wet blood singing like a brand new ferrari crashed in your veins
A fit miss shrouded the wreckage
Skyline lookin’ like a lit red lettuce
You can feel your face but make yourself scarce when the kid gets peckish

Spew your gash and watch ’em turn blue
You’re quite sure the world deserves you
She was a smudge across my bird view
I’m just tryin’ to fuck the rest of her crew
The slurs that you heard about me weren’t true
Stretch these skies apart and burst through

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