Just ONE dose of Pfizer or AstraZeneca vaccine slashes Covid hospitalisations for over-80s by 80%, English study says

Follow RT on A single dose of the Pzifer or AstraZeneca vaccine against Covid-19 cuts the hospitalisation rate of those aged 80 years and older by 80 percent, Public Health England (PHE) officials said on Monday, citing a pre-print study. The real-world study, based on data collected from the vaccination program in England, supports similar […]

NHS Providers calls for urgent review into ‘insufficient’ critical care capacity

Follow RT on NHS Providers has called for a review into “insufficient” critical care capacity in England, citing three regions as being of key concern, at a time when the NHS found itself overwhelmed by Covid-19 cases earlier this year. The organisation, which includes NHS hospital, mental health, community and ambulance services, called on the […]

Discovery of Brazilian variant in UK won’t derail plans to ease Covid lockdown in England, PM Johnson says

Follow RT on UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that the discovery of the highly contagious ‘P1’ Brazilian variant of Covid-19 will not derail his government’s plans to ease lockdown restrictions in England in the coming weeks. The PM said there is currently no reason to change plans to start reopening England after three […]

UK authorities’ plea for mystery person infected with ‘Brazilian’ Covid-19 strain to come forward

Follow RT on Health officials in England are looking for an unidentified person who was infected with a mutated ‘Brazilian variant’ of SARS-CoV-19 and slipped under the radar. They are one of six known cases in the UK. The P1 strain was first detected in people coming to Japan from the Brazilian city of Manus […]

Mars striking back? Extremely bright meteor ignites wild banter on social media (VIDEOS)

Follow RT on Befuddled Brits from Scotland in the North to Somerset in South were astonished by a phenomenally bright flash in the night sky which lasted some seven seconds and ended with a loud boom, according to some reports. The fireball was so bright it triggered doorbells across the UK shortly before 10pm local […]

Class dismissed: England’s poorer students ‘five grades behind’ richer ones – report

Follow RT on A report from the UK’s Education Policy Institute (EPI) has found that a “disadvantage gap” has emerged between English pupils aged 16-19, with poorer students finding themselves up to five grades behind their wealthier peers. The EPI has declared that the attainment gap between disadvantaged pupils and others is “one of the […]

Family with young child rescued, warned after camping on CLIFF EDGE known for landslides (PHOTO)

Follow RT on Police and coastguard officers responded to a call after a couple were spotted camping on a cliff edge with their young child, in contravention of lockdown rules and, arguably, common sense. Rescue teams from Staithes and Whitby coastguard agencies, along with responding police officers, happened upon the couple’s tent on Cleveland Way […]

US activists condemn Boris Johnson’s voter ID plan, accuse him of copying Trump

Follow RT on As Boris Johnson prepares to introduce voter ID laws in the UK, US activist groups such as the ACLU have spoken out against the proposal, comparing its proponents to Donald Trump and warning it would “suppress the vote.” Johnson is expected to introduce a bill this spring mandating photo ID at polling […]

Quarantine hotel ‘inmates’ are told to stop smoking and buy nicotine patches after party in car park

Follow RT on As many as 15 guests have been placed under additional lockdown while undergoing their mandatory stay at a quarantine hotel in the UK, after they were caught smoking and drinking together this week. The British government has yet to reveal how many coronavirus cases have been found through its controversial quarantine hotel […]

After infighting rocks SNP, majority no longer support Scottish independence, poll shows

Follow RT on With the Scottish National Party’s current and former leaders at each other’s throats, a new poll shows the public evenly split on the independence question. The poll is the first in 22 consecutive ones not led by the yes side. A Mail on Sunday poll found that 44 percent of Scots would […]

‘Propaganda arm of the British regime?’ BBC reporter hounded for misquoting former Scottish premier

Follow RT on Scots are demanding the BBC’s Sarah Smith be held accountable after she claimed that former First Minister Alex Salmond said that current leader Nicola Sturgeon “should resign.” The only problem: Salmond said no such thing. Former Scottish National Party leader and First Minister Alex Salmond appeared before a parliamentary inquiry on Friday, […]

Johnson ‘biggest recruiting sergeant for nationalism,’ ex-PM Brown says in blistering attack on Britain’s Covid-19 response

Follow RT on The UK appears “dysfunctional” by its uncoordinated devolved responses to Covid-19 and Boris Johnson risks being “the biggest recruiting sergeant for nationalism,” former PM Gordon Brown’s stinging assessment has claimed. Writing for the Scottish Fabian Society, a left-wing think tank associated with Britain’s Labour Party, Brown, who led the UK’s Labour government […]