Napoleon Da Legend – Hype Juice Lyrics

[Napoleon Da Legend verse 1] It’s academic, coonery’s an epidemic Looks harmless and then it reach the youth like DJ Akademics And it’s a Machiavelli tenant Deception is a method that they use against us as a weapon Dressing up like chicks and gender bending Trolling 101 for attention disrespectful statements trending Label heads lending […]

Mimiks – Oh Mama (Interlude) Lyrics

(Oh Mama) [Intro] Oh Mama Lug ab Morn esch doch alles weder andersch Ech schwör, kei Drama Kei Schnapps und e kei Marijuana Ah, ah [Verse 1] Zwenig Schlaf aber Fiire viel Mama, ech bi gfange e me Teeni-Film (Schier [?]) Seg mer wie chum ich da use Nei ich glaub ich wirde nie erwachse, Mama das isch mine […]

$not – Gucci Lyrics

[Intro] [Alice]: I don’t love you anymore [Dan]: Since when? [Alice]: Now—just now… I don’t wanna lie… I can’t tell the truth so… it’s over [Dan]: Doesn’t matter. I love you, none of it matters [Alice]: Too late. I don’t love you anymore… goodbye [Chorus] Gucci on my jeans and Gucci on my shoes Friends […]

Thundamentals – Tardis Take Off Lyrics

[Intro] “Over one-hundred foreign governments, emperors, presidents, and prime ministers, and kings have sent the most warm messages that we’ve ever received.” [Scratches: DJ Morgs] “Ye—yeah, ye—yeah Ye—yeah Ye—ye—ye—yeah Ye—ye—yeah” “[?]— [?]— From electrifying words— [?]— [?]— From electrifying words— [?]— [?]— [?]— [?]—” “Ye—yeah, ye—yeah Ye—yeah Ye—ye—ye—yeah” “[?]— [?]— From electrifying words— [?]— [?]— […]