Second UK inquiry into ex-PM David Cameron lobbying scandal announced by select committee of MPs

Follow RT on The UK’s Treasury Committee has announced it will hold an inquiry into the government lobbying scandal surrounding former Prime Minister David Cameron, which has now engulfed several ministers and is already facing a review. The cross-party committee of MPs, which examines Treasury expenditure, administration and policy, said in a statement on Wednesday […]

Actress and model called out for championing puberty blockers for trans kids, claiming ‘loads of girls’ were on them in the 1990s

Follow RT on Actress and model Jameela Jamil has tweeted in support of giving controversial puberty blockers to trans kids, claiming she knew “loads” of girls in school who took them. Her story was swiftly deemed BS. Until transgender issues entered mainstream discussion in recent years, few readers had likely heard of “puberty blockers,” drugs […]

BBC diversity chief complains Idris Elba’s TV detective isn’t ‘black enough to be real’, leaves online commentator baffled

Follow RT on The person tasked with ensuring diversity at the BBC has been accused of harboring narrow-minded views about race after reportedly dismissing a TV character played by actor Idris Elba for not being sufficiently ‘black’. Commenting on the crime drama ‘Luther’, Miranda Wayland hailed the program for featuring a “really strong, black character […]

Quarter of deaths involving Covid-19 in England and Wales not caused by virus itself, govt statistics show

Follow RT on In roughly a quarter of deaths involving Covid-19 in England and Wales, people actually died ‘with’ the coronavirus rather than ‘from’ it, new weekly data from the government reveals. According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS), 400 coronavirus-linked deaths were registered in England and Wales in the week ending April 2. […]

‘A gift to anti-vaxxers’: BoJo angers Brits after claiming lockdown NOT vaccinations reduced Covid cases

Follow RT on Boris Johnson is facing heavy criticism after telling weary Brits that the reduction in Covid-19 cases and deaths was not due to the UK’s massive vaccination program, but the restrictive lockdowns endured for months. Speaking on Tuesday – the day after England’s shops and pubs reopened as part of the second stage […]

‘Morally repugnant’: Sturgeon slams UK govt over Supreme Court challenge to bills passed in Scottish parliament

Follow RT on The UK government has announced a remarkable Supreme Court challenge to two pieces of legislation passed by the Scottish parliament over concerns they may impinge on Westminster’s governance. MSPs

UK to investigate ex-PM Cameron’s alleged lobbying of ministers to secure govt contract for firm he advised

Follow RT on The UK government will launch an independent inquiry into lobbying by former PM David Cameron, who allegedly held secret talks with current ministers in a bid to get work for a firm he advised, Boris Johnson’s office has said. Cameron allegedly had unfettered access to ministers as he tried to get the […]

Rainy queues, snowy pints, & mad rushes: Brits mock day 1 of Covid lockdown reopening

Follow RT on Brits braved cold weather, rain, and snow in their rush to the shops and pubs on Monday, as Covid-19 lockdown restrictions were loosened in the government’s stage 2 plan. Photos of large queues for pubs and shops – like the popular affordable clothing store Primark – went viral online, while a video […]

Thinking of ‘Bridgerton’ cast or the Kardashians as hot reinforces ‘racial hierarchy’ in the UK, Guardian column argues

Follow RT on Considering stars of TV show Bridgerton or the Kardashians to be attractive and wanting mixed-race people to be sterilized are two sides of the same coin of white supremacy, a mixed-race author is arguing in a column. The fact that African features are not only accepted but sought-after in modern British society […]

‘Solemn tone’ & ‘high public interest’: Amid mountain of complaints, BBC EXPLAINS its non-stop Prince Philip coverage to the world

Follow RT on Amid a torrent of complaints at home, the BBC put out a special message to Russia, China and Iran, saying that its ‘round the clock coverage of Prince Philip’s death was completely normal, and actually in the public interest. When the Duke of Edinburgh passed away at the age of 99 on […]

‘UK is not North Korea yet,’ radio host says, after being burned for asking about Prince Philip’s funeral – but some say IT IS

Follow RT on Radio host Julia Hartley-Brewer stirred Twitter anger by asking if the royal family would be exempted from Covid-19 rules to lay the late Prince Philip to rest. Some feel the UK’s reaction to the death gives off Pyongyang vibes. The passing of the longtime husband and consort to the Queen has stirred […]